Follea Gripper Wig 14" Layered :)

Everyone knows I'm a MASSIVE fan of Follea ... i make it obvious to everyone i meet! So today has been a very exciting day for me because i have received my own 14" layered Gripper wig in my favourite blond colour, C6020 :)

I wanted to share my new hair with you all so i took lots and lots of pictures which I've posted below for you all to take a look at!

 So this is my gorgeous gripper straight out of the box. Super soft and healthy and looking gorgeous!

I decided to to get hr ready for wearing, i would put in my parting and give her a quick straighten.

Side view of my Gripper :) Check out the gorgeous C6020 colour! It can be a struggle finding wigs in blond shaded that don't look brassy. I love this colour!

The all important front hairline. I love how natural the Follea Gripper looks when you pull the hair away from your face. And the fact that i don't have to use glue or tape is a big bonus for me! 

 All i did to my Gripper was place my parting and straighten it :) And I'm good to go!

Even when i pin the hair away from my face .... it still looks natural. 


Ruffled up a little for my 'wind swept' look. Another great thing is the security of the Gripper wig. I don't have to worry on windy days anymore :) 

A view of the parting and front hair line :) 

Final picture! I'm over the moon :)

I would love to know what you all think about the Gripper wig. Please feel free to post your comments below!

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair
Follea ICARE Representatives
Wig and Hair Replacement Specialists
Fellow Alopecian for nearly 19 years!


ash carla said…
how is ir so close to skin ans secure without using glue or tape.can u put hair behind your years and get away withoutit lifting off your temple or side burn area?please reply.i want to buy it
Aspire Hair said…
Hi Ash Carla,

The construction of the cap allows the front hairline to sit nice and flat against the forehead :) The Gripper2 wig also has a silicone band right behind the lace front and this keeps everything nice and secure too.
I hope this helps.
SnoopDog said…
Do you mind if I ask if you have any hair? I am getting the Gripper 2, but I have some hair. My hairline has really receded so when I put wigs near my hairline, the wigs bunch up at the nape and slide. I tried on the caps, and while my measurements would indicate a small cap, I tried on a Follea large and it seemed to fit well with what hair I have left. I tried on the Aero 2 Follea, and it itched the heck out of my hairline PLUS the hairline didn't look natural at all. The C5055 is a beautiful color, but I'll add a couple highlights. I'm thinking about the 6020. It looks great on you! Do you wear a Wigrip at all? Thanks for your advice. I'm new to this process and find it quite frustrating.
Aspire Hair said…

I don't have any natural hair at all so the gripper works perfectly for me :)

I'd go with what feels comfortable and secure. See if you can wear the gripper at a consultation for 20 mins or so and see how it feels.

I now have the 6020 and the 5055 and love both colours!
SnoopDog said…
Can you possibly send me a back picture (maybe outside) of both the 6020 and 5055 in what ever lengths you have? Sorry for the inconvienance. I'm relying on the internet as we don't have a Follea salon near me. It's a lot of money to drop and want to make sure I'm making the right choice. It's hard to tell color and length from your pictures. So much THANKS!

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