Our services are featured on Retail & Therapy :)

I just wanted to blog and say how proud i am that another UK business has featured us on their website as a great choice for your hair replacement needs! :)

Sarah's Beanies offer a large collection of fabulous beanies that are not only stylish, but they are comfortable and affordable as well! I am the proud owner of one of their beanies and i love pulling it on at bed time after Ive taken my hair off for the night. It keeps me warm and snug and should anyone decide to barge into my bedroom (and they often do!) i know that my head is stylishly dressed. What more could a self confessed wig addict ask for!!

 Click on one of the example pictures to be taken straight to the Retail and Therapy website and have a good old browse at what they have to offer :)

Are you the proud owner of a sarahs BOO beanie? Let us know what you think!

Browse their collection on the Aspire Hair website too and treat yourself :)


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