Pre Bonded & Micro Ring Hair Extensions

I hope everyone is enjoying the bank holiday weekend so far! The weather here in Sheffield has been pretty much rain all day long so at least we can say its a traditional bank holiday weekend if nothing else ...

I wanted to do a little blog about hair extensions today. As well as hair replacement, i also offer a hair extension service and i wanted to go through the two most popular types of attachments that i get asked to do..

Pre Bonded
Pre bonded hair extensions are basically a glue attachment method. The keratin glue is already tipped on each strand of hair (we use 1g strands) and each 1g strand is attached to a small section of your own hair using a hot iron to melt the keratin bond. When the bond has been heated and melted it is then rolled into a neat and tidy bond that is attached securely to your natural hair :)

Removal of pre bonded extensions
Acetone (yes acetone!) is used to remove pre bonded hair extensions but also products such as orange oil can be very effective in breaking down the bonds for removal. Don't ever be tempted to remove them your self! You can cause damage to your hair and its def worth re visiting a professional to handle your removal.

Micro Ring
Micro ring hair extensions is 100% glue and heat free. 1g strands of stick tip hair are inserted onto a small silicone lined ring that is threaded onto a small section of your own hair. Once the ring and the stick tip hair are in place, the ring is then clamped closed tightly to secure it.
Micro ring extensions are not a tough and hard wearing as pre bonded extensions and sometimes they can slip depending on your hair type. I have some clients who swear by micro ring extensions and others who have tried it and are not a fan, having prefered pre bonded.

Removal of micro ring extensions
The removal of micro ring extensions is easy peasy :) The micro ring is simply opened up using a tool (again no heat is required) and the stick tip hair and ring simply slide out.

Take a look below at some before and after pictures of some of my clients :)

approx 150 strands of micro ring hair extensions

Here i added approx 100 strands of pre bonded hair extensions

Approx 150 strands of pre bonded hair extensions

200 strands of pre bonded hair extensions

I know it may sound a little crazy but i actually went through a phase for around 3 years when i used to add a full head of hair extensions to my supplex wigs! It was a great way to make them last longer and add some gorgeous length and volume to it :) I also got to play around with adding different colours and making the wig 100% unique and 100% my own :D

Emma xxx
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