Our 99th Blog Post!!!

We are coming up to our 100th blog post right after this one! I was wondering the other day how we could celebrate getting to the big 100 in terms of the blogger world. Do you have any suggestions!?

I thought a competition would be good and although i still have my thinking cap on about exactly what the prize will i think that i have a pretty good idea that will suit the competition winner no matter what their current hair situation is! You see ....... if the prize is a FREE jon renau wig then it would only benefit my fellow hair wearers out there, but if we give away a voucher of some kind then the winner can chose how to spend there prize! Be it new hair, extensions or a relaxing beauty treatment with us ...... The winner gets to chose :) What do you think? Good idea ...? Bad idea .....? Let us know by commenting below :)

OK, so full details of the competition will be announced in our next blog post so keep checking back and don't miss your chance to win!!

If you don't already follow us on Facebook and Twitter then get on over there and follow / like us to keep up to date with the latest competition news as it happens :)

Until our next post ..... Goodbye!


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