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As women we tend to think of our hair as our crowning glory. For those of us that find ourselves in the position of actually losing our hair, it can be devastating to say the very least! But its perfectly acceptable to us, as woman, to go in search of 'New Hair' by means of wigs, hair pieces or hair systems.

So what about men?? We have all heard of the saying 'male pattern baldness' and many of us assume that this is something that men just deal with and don't have a problem with. 'Get it shaved off' is one of my partners favourite sayings since he started to get thinner on top 3 years ago (he swears he started losing his hair 8 years ago when he met me, the cheek!!) But do some men genuinely become upset when their 'crowning glory' starts to thin and disappear? I say some do .... and some don't in my experience. Lets have a little look at some of my client case studies of male clients.

Case One - Mike

Mike is a talented writer and  published author (i own 2 of his books and feature briefly in the second!). He came to me some months ago expressing his concern over how his hair had thinned out on top and how it effected his confidence.
Mike was very nervous when he entered my office, despite being a clever and usually confident man. His hair loss was not something he had ever spoken about with anyone else and he spent day after day in his baseball cap. 

Case two - Joe

Joe is 28 years old and has been wearing hair pieces since his early 20's when he started to lose his hair on top. With the support of his family he was able to approach a few companies before arriving with me and now wore a hair piece full time. Although Joe didn't tell me point blank that his hair loss effected his confidence it became very obvious that it did during our first appointment together where i was to remove, clean and re-attach his hair piece. The confident young man who (with his hair on) could look me straight in the eye and chat away confidently, suddenly transformed into a very shy and quite man who was genuinely struggling to look me in the eye once his hair piece had been removed. Joe did come out with the odd comment about how awful he looked without his piece on and he did admit to me that he felt terribly embarrassed about the whole situation. It took a lot of reassurance from my side that he looked perfectly fine and i thought no less of him minus the piece before i finally saw a smile break across his flushed and embarrassed face.

What do these case studies show us?

They show us that there are men out there (not all but some) who's hair loss seriously effects their confidence and quality of life! Not only that, but some men are apologetic and embarrassed about it too, seeing it as a sign of vanity or weakness when that's clearly not the case.

We all need to feel good about ourselves and we shouldn't feel embarrassed about it!


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