Our Interview With BBC Radio Sheffield

I had a call a few weeks ago from a lovely man named Rav. Rav was calling from BBC radio Sheffield and he went on to explain on how he had found our website, Aspire Hair, and had read my story on how i lost my hair to alopecia and how it had effected me at the time.

I was stunned when he asked me if i would like to come into the studio and speak with Paulette Edwards, live on air, about a photo from my past that linked in with my alopecia and how it tells a story about where my life had progressed along to :)

We set the date for Saturday the 21st April and i was told to arrive for 9.20am ish that morning.

As you can imagine i was a mix of nerves and excitement! I had never done anything like this before so i didn't really know what to expect ....

The picture i decided to use was one that i found over at my mum and dads house. It shows me, stood alone, standing next to the William Wallace sword in Scotland. I was on holiday with my parents and brothers at that time and they had made me have my photo taken. I was not a chappy chappy at all!! I was wearing the most horrible wig, that was too big, the wrong colour for me and looked .... well, very wiggy! So as you can imagine i didn't smile very much on that photo :( 

 On the morning of Saturday 21st April my nerves really started to kick in! When i got to the studio i suddenly developed a dry though and spent what sempt like the longest time trying to quietly clear my throat LOL. Meeting Paulette was lovely ... she is such a nice person and really put me at ease. The first half of the interview went by in a bit of a blur to be honest! I was nervous and couldn't sit still because of the nerves! I was almost squirming about in my seat so you can imagine what i must have looked like .... i bet Paulette Edwards thought i was ready to do a runner or something! 

By the end of the first half of the interview i started to feel more relaxed. We took a break for a song and by the time i was back on air i had started to feel a lot more relaxed and started to actually enjoy the interview. Who knew the painfully shy girl from my past (me) would actually one day be having a radio interview and not only that, but enjoying it!

You can listen to the interview here on BBC iPlayer :) Its available for the next few days and I'm not sure where it goes after that but if it goes into archives then i will update the link on this blog. My interview started at around 9.38am (approx 0.38 into the recording :)

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair


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