Our debut collection is here (well, almost!)

After what seems like the longest time of playing about with ideas on cap constructions, hair lengths, hair colours and hair types we have finally narrowed down all the options and have listed the new collection of wigs on our website :o) I really wanted to keep things as simple as possible with this and offer something that, not only was simple and straight forward, but something that would be suitable for both hair loss and non hair loss sufferers. I also wanted to keep it flexible in terms of cap construction so that i could still offer a custom cap service to those of my customers who needed that service. So what is our new 'Your Collection' all about??

Well, as the name would suggest this is a collection, made for you! I did my research and asked about with lots of my clients on what they would like from a human hair wig, requests included ...

  • Remy human hair so that they could have versatility in styling 
  • A open lace front that gave them the option to attach with tape, or not depending on their preference
  • Longer length with a medium density that didn't feel too bulky
  • A soft cap construction with a good amount of stretch to it
  • The option to have these wigs created in custom colours that follow on with current trend
  • An affordable price! I should have put this one first really shouldn't i :o) 

 Take a look at the picture of Jessie J to the left. No one could deny that this hair do is both stunning and very on trend right now! But what happens in 5 / 6 months time when this is out of fashion? Or maybe your thinking how much you LOVE this look but would not want to wear it everyday .... Well this is one of the many advantages of wearing a wig. Weather your a fashion or necessity wearer, you can change you look as much as you would like to.

With the new collection you have total control over weather you want a 'standard' hair colour like a rich warm dark brown or you fancy a trendy Dip Dye look like the one Jessie J is sporting!

Don't fall into the old fashion trap of thinking wigs look 'wiggy' or 'un-fashionable' because it does not have to be that way!

If the Jessie J Dip Dye look is a trifle to dramatic for your tastes then why not try out another fashionable look that is set to be a big hit for the summer. This subtle yet effective 'Ombre' look as modelled beautifully on the right shows how effective a small change in colour towards the tips of the hair can make a massive difference!

Notice how the hair trails down to show a lighter colour at the tips / ends of the hair. You can control how delicate or dramatic this look is by choosing your colour options. Don't worry we are always here for advice, so if this is a look that you LOVE the look of but are not sure of the colours then we can guide you in the right direction.

 Now , the picture to the left takes us right back into a dramatic look! Team a gorgeous medium warm brown with pink and blue ( creates an almost tie-dye effect!) and the result is head turning hair.

If wearing hair that has a mix of pink and blue in it is not your cup of tea then why not tone the whole thing down just a little by using more natural colours that compliment each other. You could try a dark brown base colour with red or purple. That's the beauty of the new collection is that we can create anything you want! without a custom price tag attached to it.

For inspiration , why not check out the Become Gorgeous website for lots of hair ideas!

The Low Down On The Your Collection Cap Constructions

As i wig wearer myself i totally understand that there is NEVER one wig cap construction that suits everyone We all want different things from time to time and these differences range from a 100% glue less wig to a bonded hair replacement system. I always used to find myself saying to my hubby Gary things like "this wig would be perfect if only it had ........" or "yes i love this cap construction but i wish it came in a longer hair length!". This is another to put on the positives list for the new collection .... you get to chose either a cap construction and length that we have stated OR you have us work with you and design you a 'bespoke'  cap construction at no extra cost :) Take a look at our set cap constructions below .....

  • Standard Cap -  Open lace front (temple to temple)  /  Mono filament top  /  Hand-Tied cap  /  Adjustable back. This cap type can be worn either as it is as a glue less wig or with a small amount of tape added to the open lace front for a little more security. Tape can also be added to the ear tabs too. The standard cap would be great for both fashion and medical hair loss wearers.
  • Deluxe Cap - Open lace front  /  Mono filament top  /  Hand-Tied cap  /  Adjustable back  /  Silicone ear tabs. The Deluxe cap offers that extra bit of security for medical wearers who are experiences hair loss because of alopecia or chemo. The silicone grips to the skin well meaning no need to use tape!
  • System Cap - Full lace  /  with or without a stretch panel at the crown  /. This cap construction is great for medical wearers who have no natural hair of their own. I would recommend removing your system every week for hygiene reasons and then re-attaching. This type of cap construction requires bonding all along the perimeter using a liquid glue or special tape.
  • Custom Cap - The sky is the limit with this cap design! We can create a cap to suit you and your lifestyle perfectly.

What started as a little blog post has turned into an essay! Sorry folks LOL

As always we would love to get your feedback on this so please feel free to leave your comments below :o)

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair 


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