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Being in the industry i am in, and also being an alopecian myself i always try to promote a positive attitude as regards alopecia and always give it my all with my clients and try to help them feel beautiful and confident in their own skin (and new hair :)

My father in law, Alan, has always taken a great deal of interest in my business and my work and is always keen to hear how i am doing and what i have been up to which is so lovely of him as he is always genuinely interested in my ideas on wig design and offers a friendly ear at times when i may have had a tough day, or have met someone that has made me feel a little tearful (through no intended fault of their own i might add!). I quite a sensitive person which, in many lines of work may be a bit of a disadvantage, but in my line of work i think sensitivity is a must .... as, at the end of the day, my number 1 goal is to do what is right for my clients to the best of my ability.

Well, Alan came up to see us last Sunday as it was my (now 4 year old daughters) birthday and we had a bit of an all day tea party for her. Alan and I got to chatting as we always do and he mentioned about a programme he had watched the night before called The Voice on BBC1. He continued on to tell me about a lady who had auditioned in front of the judges of the programme and he continued to tell me how she had Alopecia.

So off i went to check out BBCiplayer on my laptop. I skipped through the first few auditions (sorry the Voice ... i have since watched the show all of the way through i promise!) and found Toni Warnes pre audition interview and her performance. To say i could relate to a lot of what she said into the camera would have been a major understatement! It brought back every feeling i had many years ago of struggling with my own alopecia and worrying about being judges by the way i looked first before people would even give me a chance to prove to them who i was. I also used to be a club singer and am constantly having a sing song at work, around the house etc ... so i felt i could relate to her on quite a few levels.

I must admit i did shed a little tear when Toni was speaking and when she started singing ...... well that was it the flood gates were well and truly open and there i was balling like a baby at how beautiful her voice was, how perfect the song choice was and how amazing she looked up on that stage, in front of all those people in the audience and at home. She was saying "This is me!" She was fabulous and i am rooting for her to do well in The Voice.

I think Toni may not yet realise the positive impact she is having on other alopecians who are struggling with their condition right now. Although Toni is not verbally saying it, her actions are loud and clear .... THIS IS ME  ~  TAKE ME AS I AMYOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU SET YOU MIND/HEART ON. 

Check out Toni Warnes Website  ~  BBC1 The Voice Page  ~  Facebook Fan Page 

Well done Toni and thank you for following me on Twitter **nearly faints** :) :)

Emma xxx
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