our #WOW win!

If you are a bit of a Twitter addict like i am then you may already know that Jacqueline Gold runs a weekly competition on Twitter calling all women in business to tweet their business and she then re-tweets her fave 3. The 3 re-tweeted businesses then becomes a #WOW winner and becomes part of the #WOW club.

Well it was Wednesday the 7th March and i was browsing twitter from my BB and saw that the #WOW comp was running. I had totally forgot about it to be honest what with work / consultations and updating the website etc ... I decided i would have a go and put my tweet in and to be amazement, Aspire Hair was one of the 3 businesses to be re-tweeted by Jacqueline! 

To say i was excited would have been a slight understatement. I was literally jumping and hopping around the kitchen and running through our house saying 'OMG! OMG!' My partner Gary was laughing at first but then started to become a little concerned when i lent over saying 'i cant breath!' ...... i am not the fittest of people and i admit that (i will start back at the gym though ... promise :). So, with Gary rubbing my back and asking me what on earth was going on i told him the whole story and how chuffed i was that we had been re-tweeted by Jacqueline Gold.

Of course, being a typical man he headed straight onto google and checked out Jacqueline's website.

I am so blown away that Aspire Hair got a #WOW win and it means so much to us, so thank you Jacqueline Gold! And take a look at the funky little badge we got too!

Emma xxx


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