The Little Princess Trust

Hello *waves* from sunny old Sheffield :)

For those of you that know me or follow my work on line you may already know this but for those of you that i don't get to speak with on a regular basis i though i would do a short blog about what we have been up to recently! Plus i am very keen to spread the word about this charity as they so deserve the praise and tooting about!

The Little Princess Trust charity are UK based and fund new hair (wigs) for Children and teenagers who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments. I am absolutely over the moon to have the chance to work with this charity and the amazing patients at Sheffield's western park teenage cancer unit in helping them find new hair that they will feel comfortable in, that will look natural and also make them feel confident so they can concentrate on getting well again.

You can donate to the Little Princess Trust charity by clicking here
Please do get involved in fund raising if at all possible :) More information on fund raising ideas can be found right here.

I am working closely with one company who i shall not name at this point on being able to offer something that is quite special to the girls i have / will be meeting at the western park teenage cancer unit so i will keep everyone up to date on this as it all emerges!

Emma xxx
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