Norway Meets The Follea Gripper Wig!

I know i start every single blog post lately with the same old ' sorry for not blogging in so long' .... I really must stay more focused on the blog!

This blog was planned for writing nearly a week ago now and finally i seem to take a 10 minute break to quickly type it up!

A few weeks ago i received an email from a lovely lady in Norway named Tonje. She, like myself, has had alopecia from the age of around 12 years old and she was enquiring on a human hair wig in a natural medium / light blonde colour. We went through some different cap constructions together via email. Tonje told me that she was currently wearing a hair replacement system and was growing tired of having to attach it every morning with tape ...... it was becoming increasingly difficult to find the time as she has 3 children.

We got to chatting ... (via email at first) .... about the Follea Gripper wig. Tonje asked me for more information so i sent her some pictures of myself in my Gripper wig and explained the cap construction and hair quality of the Follea Gripper wig to her. Her response was  "i want one!"

Now, when it comes to investing in a wig such as the Follea Gripper wig, i would always strongly recommend a face to face consultation so i could try some fitting caps on my client and try some of the Grippers we have in stock on and get a really good feel for them. I always say though ... 'one touch of the hair and your hooked!' because its so true!! As soon as you feel the quality of  Follea Hair you fall in love with it.

As Tonje lives in Norway, the face to face consultation would prove a little tricky. Tonje was very confident that her head size would fit the Small gripper wig size perfectly but just to be 100% certain of the perfect fit, we arranged for a set of Gripper fitting caps to be sent to her to try on. Once Tonje had received the Fitting caps we arranged our first Skype meeting so i could demonstrate the Gripper to her and i could take a look at the fitting cap whilst she was wearing it ..... She was absolutely correct! The Small size was the perfect fit :o)

The only thing Tonje could not experience during this consultation stage was to actually feel Follea Hair. She took my word for it however that it was amazing! By working together, Tonje and i had confirmed the cap size she needed, the length she needed and decided on a colour ..... we were all set to have her Gripper shipped directly to her and she was very excited!

Tonje has been kind enough to send me the following pictures of her wearing her new Follea Gripper Wig. She looks amazing and the pictures show the Gripper straight out of the box with no cutting or styling what so ever.

Thank you very much Tonje for the fantastic pictures, you really do look amazing in your Gripper!

Please feel free to comment and let us know what you think!

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair


JoJo said…
Amazing! I wish my own hair looked this good! xxx
emma@aspirehair said…
Thanks for your comment JoJo :) It looks healthier than my own hair looked before i got alopecia! God bless Follea :) :) xxx
Tonje Vangen said…
alwaystipa said…
That is the dream hair that I've always wanted. Can you tell me if gripper caps can be worn by people that still have a bit of hair but elect to shave it off? Also, which color is Tonje wearing?
emma@aspirehair said…
Hi :o)
The Follea Gripper can be worn by ladies with alopecia areata, for the most secure fit the natural hair would have to be short and sparse at the hairline, so if someone elected to shave off any remaining hair then the fit would be great!

The Colour Tonje is wearing is the C6020 Blonde which is a stunning, natural blonde colour :o)

Thanks for your comment!

Emma xxx
Synne said…
That looks absolutely amazing! I am a fellow Norwegian; a 34 year old woman who has suffered from Alopecia Universalis for about 2,5 yrs now. Although I have tons of nice headwear and a synthtic wig, I yearn for natural looking hair. What is the price of this wig? I just discovered your blog today and happy to do so. :)

emma@aspirehair said…
Hi Synne,
Thanks for your comment and hello from England *waves* :o)

If you would like to email me at then i would be more than happy to send you an info pack and discuss the Gripper with you more.

Emma xxx
Anonymous said…
I know this is an old post, but what length is this? I love it!

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