Latest Feedback on Aspire Hair & the Follea Gripper Wig

Just a very quick blog post today as i really wanted to share the latest feedback i have received on our services and the Follea Gripper wig :o)

When i received this testimonial from Tonje in Norway (see previous blog for details and pics) i must admit i was quite choked up by her lovely words. I am glad that we are able to make that difference and make things that little bit easier when it comes to alopecia and choosing new hair. Take a look at Tonjes testimonial below ....

"I recently bought a Follea Gripper wig through Aspire Hair and Emma. I had one million questions about this and other wigs, and Emma patiently answered all of them;o) We had consultations on Skype so we could get all the details right.

The service is outstanding, Emma is there to answer any question I have at almost any time! I have already recommended her to the Norwegian Alopecia Association.

The wig is also the most spectacular I have ever seen, and I`ve tried many different types of wigs for more than 20 years and nothing even comes close to Follea`s quality when it comes to both cap and hair;) Only those who has suffered from hair loss of any reason can imagine how important it is to feel comfortable in a wig, and since Emma is an Alopecian herself, she can totally relate to what I mean. It can change someone`s life, it surely changed mine!

So thank you so much Emma;) And you don`t get rid of me that easily, I`m a regular customer from now on! I can`t thank you enough:o) "

 Tonje Vangen, Norway

Thank you so much to Tonje who has gone out of her way to let everyone know her experience with us here at Aspire Hair and also provide some valuable information on her opinion of the Follea Gripper wig. I am positive that there will be many many sufferers out there who will find Tonjes information and pictures very use full.

Emma xxx


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