The Tori Hi - Fashion Wig

We have had a lot of orders recently for the Tori Synthetic wig by Rene Of Paris (Hi - Fashion collection) so i really wanted to order one of these wigs in for me to try out. I justified yet another wig purchase by saying that this would be my new 'night time' and 'in the house' hair. If you follow my Blog you will know that my main, every day hair is my Follea Gripper wig which i love with a passion! I love it so much that i am saving up for another Follea Gripper in a longer length and lighter colour .... but we will save that story for a future blog ;)

So lets have a little run down on the Tori Wig

  • Tori is a synthetic wig & is NOT heat resistant .... you need to be careful when opening that oven door ladies!
  • Tori does not have a monofilament top so where the parting is set is where it will have to remain more or less.
  • Tori is a short tapered bob style, shorter and slightly 'stacked' at the back and then longer at the front around the face
  • Tori has an open wefted back and side construction.
  • Tori has a full blunt fringe that will come too long! so bear this in mind if your planning on ordering it. You will probably need to have the fringe cut an inch or so.
  • Tori is a light to medium density (this is a good thing for me as i am quite petite and massively big hair does not suit me)

My head size is a petite - small and the Tori wig actually fits me pretty well now that i have adjusted the nape straps in a little. Over time (like with any adjustable back wig) i will need to tighten it in a little more as the cap will stretch out ..... annoying but that's the truth with all adjustable back wigs I'm afraid!

I actually came to own this particular Tori wig in a funny kind of way! A lovely customer of mine was in two minds as to weather she wanted the Tori Hi Fashion wig or the Amore Codi wig so she ordered both under the agreement that she would send the one she didn't want back to us :) She decided to keep the Amore Codi wig and return the Tori Hi Fashion wig so i thought this would be the perfect chance for me to try the Tori out!

The colour my Tori is in is Chestnut which is a really pretty mix of dark brown and red. Its the kind of colour that goes great with bright pink and red lipstick and emerald green eyeshadow! And as you will have now gathered from that last statement .... i am no make up artist lol. I like what i like though :)

For the price of the Tori Wig (£84.00 with Free p&p on the website) i think its a great little synthetic wig. Why was it not around when i was 12 and had to wear the awful synthetic wigs back then!! For that price as well i wonder why more supplier cant offer it as an NHS wig ...... don't get me wrong, its not the best wig in the world but it is very good for the amount of money it costs! And to say it does not have a monofilament top it looks surprisingly natural which also surprised me a lot!

I have included some pictures below of me wearing the Tori Hi Fashion wig (colour Chestnut)

What do you think!!? Not bad for £84 is it!! :)

As always i would love to hear your opinions so please feel free to comment below,

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair


Anonymous said…
Love your new Tori wig. Looking at past blogs on wigs, do you like the smartlace wig by Jon Renau or prefer just any monofilament top? I'm debating on the two for a human hair wig, it's either Jon Renau "Kate" (smartlace) or "Isabella" by Wig Pro a monofilament top. Suggestions?
emma@aspirehair said…
Hi! I am a little late on replying to this comment (sorry!). I do like the natural look of the JR SmartLace wigs, the cap on me is a little too big though so i have to order in the petite size that they offer in some of their SmartLace wigs.

A combination of a mono top and lace front wig would be ideal for wearers both with or without natural hair. If a wig has a lace top then wearers with hair would have to wear a wig cap under the wig to get the most realistic part look.

Also if you plan on wearing your wig with a fringe then a lace front is not 100% needed, as the fringe will cover the hairline anyway. Hope this helps a little! Though im pretty sure you have prob already purchased now!!

Emma xxx

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