My Most Recent Follea Gripper Client

If you follow my blog, then you will know that i am a massive fan of Follea Wigs. I am also a UK Representative for Follea and offer Follea hair to my clients in the UK.

I recently had a lady come to see me who was interested in a Follea Gripper Sports wig. After our initial consultation she went away to have a think about things and decided to go a head with her purchase. She came back to me on Saturday to collect her new Follea Gripper Sports and we headed on down to the salon to have her a side fringe cut in and to have the ends trimmed off.

I am really happy to be able to share these fab pictures with you all of my client wearing her new hair :o)

I think she looks beautiful in her new hair, and it was so nice to walk out of the salon with her and see her do, what i like to call, the 'Follea Swish'!

Have you ever tried Follea hair? If you have then i bet you cant deny that even you have been guilty of the Follea Swish :o)

I would love to hear everyones comments .... so please feel free to leave some feedback below this blog post :o)

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair


Anonymous said…
I have recently seen the Follea gripper and was disappointed. I didn't realise it was wefted through the back and that the hair was processed. Did you realise this when you bought your 'Follea Gripper'?
emma@aspirehair said…
Hi Anon, Thanks for your comment :o)

I have seriously studied the Follea Gripper (and most other wigs!) and was totally aware that the back of the gripper is wefted and has a lining over it to give an enclosed feel.

The reason behind the wefted back is that the gripper will last longer than a totally hand tied wig as it will not shed hair no where near as fast. Have you ever worn a lace system? If you have then you will know how quickly they can shed, within weeks with some systems :( and when you can pay up to and beyond £2000 for a system that lasts just months this is not very economical! and not very good on the wearers confidence either (i have been there :(

For me the wefted back is not a problem at all. It is enclosed and does not show when the wind blows etc ...

Yes i was also aware that Follea hair is gently processed. How else would follea be able to offer a choice of colours that remain consistant from wig to wig? Any company that says that the hair used in their wigs is 100% un-processed (virgin) would not be able to offer a choice of colour /s. You would simply have to have the natural hair colour of the donor that the hair has come from.

Every companie that offers a colour chart for their wigs are telling you that the hair has been colour proccessed to get to that shade / colour. The difference with Follea hair is that it is processed very gently, to keep the hair in the very best condition possible :o)

What did you think to the hair quality? My gripper is still as silky as it was the first day i got it, even after 5 washes now!

Em xxx

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