A very happy bad hair day :o)

I am seeing a massive difference between what my new Follea Gripper is like compared to my usual Indian Remy wig/s that i have worn for the past 11 years or so. For instance, when i used to curl my Indian Remy wigs the curls would remain for days because the hair was so much coarser and dryer than my Follea wig. With my Follea wig though, because the hair is so silky, smooth and fine the curls don't last as long before they start to drop out of my hair. I quite like this though because that's what real hair does isn't it! At least that's what i always hear my friends complaining about when they curl their hair for nights out!

So yesterday i decided i would curl my Follea hair and i loved how all the layers in it made it easy to create volume (i have always longer for hair that's silky, shiny and full of body!) By this morning though my hair had dropped and was not as volumized as yesterday so i thought 'ok, I'll just comb it through and maybe straighten it for today'. By the time i had done some work and a spot of light housework it was nearly 1pm and, as i was expecting a friend over at pretty much anytime after 1pm i thought i better concentrate on getting my make up on before i started on my hair!

In true 'emma' fashion i never did get around to re styling my hair but it didn't matter really because as i stood and looked n the mirror i actually quite liked how it had dropped from curls to a soft wave with the odd bit of my hair flicking out slightly. If one of my friend hair had looked like that they would have been moaning at how the flicky bits were annoying them and they would be asking me if they could borrow my straighteners! But i liked it.

My usual bad hair days involve poker straight hair that sits flat against my head with no body or lift at my parting at all (not to mention ultra dry hair that struggles to move when the wind blows!) so for my follea to just look 'unevenly styled' but still feel as soft as butter, still move even when i just walk through my house, to not be frizzy and to still have the volume at my parting that i have always longed for i found myself quite happy to be having a 'bad hair' day.

Me and my friend ended up heading over to Killamarsh to the salon i use to cut and style my own and my clients hair (some 8 miles away) for her to have her hair cut and i kept looking around the salon thinking to myself 'everyone here will leave with perfectly styled hair and i will be leaving with my friend who will have a new cut and style and my hair will still look like bed hair! Its a fantastic feeling when your not used to it LOL

My partner Gary thinks i am crazy but i think deep down he understands who amazing it feels for me to have a happy bad hair day,

I am noticing the gorgeous plum colour in my Follea hair now more. I think when i first got it i was maybe in a bit of shock at actually having one so was focusing on everything apart from the hair colour! I have had lots of compliments on my hair and everyone has said what a beautiful colour it is (i had previously dyed my old Indian Remy wig plum red and after 2 washes it had faded to a dark ginger colour!)

Anyway i just thought i would share my happy bad hair day with you all :o)

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