My Follea Gripper :o)

Hello my fellow hair wearing buddies! :o)

After having my Supplex for quite some time now i have finally decided to order my very own Follea Gripper. To say that i am just a little excited is a major understatement ! I am so excited that it is all i have been able to think about these past few days, and (much to Gary's annoyance) all i have been able to talk about to everyone i come into contact with!

I have such a high expectation from Follea, based on the feedback i get from ladies that wear them and my own experience with offering them to my customers, and i cant wait to share my experience with you guys right here on my blog. From the first wash to the initial styling (and more!).

In true 'Emma' style .... i have decided to go for the total opposite in terms of colour to my Supplex that i am wearing at present. I ordered my Supplex in a colour 3#, and after a few months i got bored with its faded colour so decided i would dye it vibrant red! The process when smoothly and i loved the new colour so all was good! Now though, for my very first Follea Gripper, i have decided that i would like to go back to light blond. My neighbours and my kids school / nursery will be very confused but it will just give me the chance to talk a little more about Follea so all is good LOL!

OK, so below is what i am wearing right now .... My Supplex in my custom created colour of vibrant red! (the camera does not pick up the colour too well sorry, also excuse the strange expression on my face! I was not drunk, the sun was shining in my eyes!!

Me and my Supplex :o)

......... and below is the colour my Supplex was originally ......

Supplex in a colour 3# :o)

So you can see from the pictures above that i have been wearing dark coloured hair. Below is the colour and length i have chosen for my new Follea Gripper. It is totally different to what i have been wearing but the way i see it is i am going to be wearing my new Follea Gripper day in, day out for quite a while so i might as well get the colour i really want (and everyone agrees that with my skin tone / eye colour light hair suits me a little better than darker hair :o)

The pictures above are a little flat, but it shows the colour and length well i think.

I will keep everyone updates on when my new Follea Gripper arrives and how everything goes :o)

I am sooooooooo excited!

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair


Anonymous said…
I ordered a follea as well - the lead time was 2-3 months I'm now going on 5 months. Absolutely blown away at the lack of honest service. The factory burned down, the hair samples were "bad" - etc..good luck. I considered selling for them but boy oh boy - not a chance now. I'll be working for Freedom Wigs of New Zealand instead. I love your site - keep us posted on when and IF you get your new hair!! :)
Hi Anon, When i recieved your comment i felt i needed to forward the comment to Follea themselves who very promptly sent me this reply for you.

1. The factory did burn down on January 14th this year. We lost all of
the main building. But, thankfully, no one was hurt.

2. Our recovery was nothing short of miraculous. We restarted from
scratch in a new building in March.

3. Our deliveries have been good since June and, as well as many other
Follea wigs and hairpieces, we have over 200 Gripper wigs in stock in
Beverly Hills, and many Grippers being made to order.

4. I am unaware of any such delays referred to in the previous blog and I
am pleased to respond personally to anyone who has such concerns.
All the best. Michael.

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