Daytime and night time hair

I remember when i was younger and my parents bought me my very first human hair wig. They payed a good amount of money for it and it was made of European hair (it cost around £1,700).

Back then i only really wore my hair when i went out of the house, when i was in i would leave my hair in my bedroom and wear a bandanna or sometimes even nothing at all if it was warm enough (my head has always got cold very quickly!)

Now I'm a mum and step mum i very rarely get the chance to walk about hair free .... even if i have to get up 3 - 4 times a night with one of the kids, i always find myself putting my hair back on before i leave the bedroom to go see to them! I'm not sure why i even do this because my kids know all about my alopecia and they see me without my hair on a daily basis anyway ..... maybe i do it just in case my step kids should happen to wander onto the landing whilst i am settling the little ones through the night ...

This got me thinking .... now that i have my new Gripper, i really do want to keep it in the best condition as possible, and putting it on and taking it off numerous times a night may not be the best thing for it in the long run! I have ruined quite a few supplex wigs doing this through the night ...... when I'm half a sleep i have this really bad habit of just 'plonking' my hair on and then pulling the ear tabs to position it, and with my supplex wigs, it has always ripped them over time, which is not the fate i want for my Gripper.

So i now have a dedicated 'night time hair' that can take the tugging and pulling of a half a sleep me through the night! My night time hair is just an old wig that feels so un comfortable if i wear it for more than ten minutes but for the constant hair on  .... hair off action that are my night times i will do the job perfectly LOL

A short blog this evening but thought i would share it with everyone non the less :o)

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair


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