Days away from Follea

I am now mere days away from receiving my very own Follea Gripper and after initially making the decision to go with a light blond colour i have done a complete u turn and decided to go back dark! Its so strange how i am good at helping people make decisions for them self if they need me to, yet when it comes to me and my own hair ..... I'm rubbish!

The new (and final decision) colour am going for is a gorgeous rich, plum colour. Whilst on my mission to decide on a colour for my Gripper, i pulled my father in law into the living room and asked his opinion (i was stuck between 3 colours!) He summed up the plum colour very well and called it ' A rich, dark colour that has a beautiful shimmer to it when the sun light hits it!' He also commented on the Follea wigs themselves and couldn't believe the difference between the hair quality of the Supplex i am currently wearing and the Follea hair. He then proceeded to walk in on my whilst i was putting my Supplex on in our downstairs loo! This resulted in me in fits of giggles and my father in law looking very flustered and having to walk outside!

I think he thought that i would be upset .... maybe even offended that he had seen me, which of course i was not at all. Bless him, he is such a lovely man and always worries that he may have upset someone , awww :o)

I have popped a few pics below of the Plum colour that i have decided on. The length i am having is still the shorter length, i think it will be an easy length to manage and seems to suit my face shape better than longer hair.

I apologise if the pictures are a poor quality, this was not a planned blog just a quick one as i wanted to let you guys know how excited i am :o) The pictures were taken on my Blackberry.

I cant wait to receive my new hair and will no doubt be blogging about the first wash, first style, first wear etc ....

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair


Anonymous said…
hi there, what is the brand of this wig? It looks really good, especially the part.
emma@aspirehair said…
Hi there! This is the Follea Aero-2 wig in colour Plum. The lace top is great .... you can change the part around and still get a natural look. The quality of Folleas hair is also excellent!

Em xxx

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