Day 3 .... me and my Follea Gripper

So today is day three of wearing my new Follea Gripper and i thought it would be a good time to check in with you ladies (and gents) and let you know my first impressions as an everyday wearer and how i am getting along with my new hair.

Me in my Gripper :o)

When my Follea Gripper arrived and i took it out of the bag it was flat from travelling. This was easily solved by a quick shampoo and condition. Take a look at the pics below of what my gripper looked like straight out of the bag.

After i shampooed and conditioned it i gently blotted it with a clean, dry towel and left it wrapped up in the towel for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes it was just damp and i find the easiest way to put my parting into new hair is to put it on and do it.

So on my new Gripper went and i quickly positioned my parting before blow drying it on a medium setting until dry. I didn't have to use any product (mousse, gel, etc) to style it and i only used my brush when it was dry to quickly run through the hair. Easy peasy! I didn't even have to use the straighteners on my new hair either. The results are below .....

Now, i am no photographer but i think the pics pretty much speak for themselves! In a nut shell i love my new hair in a way that i have never even felt before. I know it might sound corny, but i really do feel like a new woman in my new Gripper :o)

I am finding it comfortable to wear all day long and very easy to clean at bed time. All i do is wipe over the silicone areas with a clean, damp flannel and I'm ready for the next morning to just pop on my Gripper and away i go!

I wondered if wearing the Gripper all day would make my head hot but i am pleased to report that it does not, and it is so much cooler than my Supplex.

I am going to put all this info into a video and upload it to YouTube as soon as i get chance :o)

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair


RubySparkles said…
I love it! It looks completely natural and I would never believe it was not your born hair. You look absolutely stunning it. Hope you continue to get much pleasure with it x
Thank you RubySparkles for your comment. I am still feeling on a high about actually having a gripper of my own and wearing it everyday :o) x
Anonymous said…
Hi, i haven't been on for a while so have only just seen this post. I LOVE this one, best i think i have seen x x
Anonymous said…
Hi - it's so gorgeous! Sorry if I missed it, but could share what color it is? Our skin tone is very similar so curious to know. I just purchased a 14" Lifestyle wig in color 2060 and once I got home found it too dark (so sad) and hoping if I cut/style it a bit better will look a more natural, like yours.
Emma@aspirehair said…
I am sorry sorry to hear that the c2060 was too dark for you. I would say the colour i have is darker than the c2060 but has the red/plum tones in it which seem to really suit my skin tone and blue eyes. I love how i can get away with brighter make up and strong pink and red lipsticks with this hair colour!

The colour is c15010 :o) I will be going for the longer 12" layered gripper next time, maybe even the longer length if i can afford it when the time comes! I love the gripper so much, xx

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