The Spicy HD SmartLace Wig by Jon Renau (Review)

So the new Spicy HD SmartLace Wig by Jon Renau arrived with me yesterday and i was really eager to see how it looked and also how it was going to last.

First lets just have a little re-cap on the Spicy HD Wig ...

The Spicy wig by Jon Renau is a brand new addition to their already massively popular SmartLace wigs.
Turn up the heat with this come hither HD style! Wear the beautiful beach wave as it comes or straighten and curl the heat defiant fibre to fit your mood. The SmartLace hairline and 100 percent hand-tied cap construction create an ultra realistic appearance. Spicy comes pre styled and ready to wear straight out of the box.

Cap construction; Lace front / Hand-Tied / Monofilament
Cap size - Average
Lengths - Bangs 8.5" / Crown 9" / Sides 10" / Nape 12"
Weight - 4.2oz
Colours Shown - FS26/31 / 1BRH30 / 6F27

Today is my first day of actually wearing the Spicy wig and so far i am not experiencing any problems. Like all wigs though, as a wearer, you will experience pros and cons's. My pro's and con's list is below ....

Good Points
  • A good sized cap. It is an medium head size but can be made smaller which is great for me as i have a small head.
  • Its pre styled so i don't have to make a trip to the salon.
  • The fibre hair is a natural density and is soft and does not have an UN-natural shine to it.
  • Spicy is 100% hand-tied so is totally enclosed.
  • Spicy has a Monofilament top so the hair can easily be parted left, right or centre.
  • It looked good right out of the box.

Bad Points

  • Maybe its just my exceptionally paler than pale skin tone ... but i have found that the Smartlace front does not blend flawlessly with my skin tone. It has a brownish tinge to it against my skin, A returning client came to me earlier today who has an olive skin tone and her new Zara SmartLace blended flawlessly with her skin tone (maybe ill get out my bottle of fake tan!)
  • The fibre is synthetic, which is not in itself a bad point .... but i am hoping for the price the Spicy HD Wig is, that it will last well (more of a concern than a bad point i guess you could say!)
  • There are no tape tab areas :( This would have been really useful to add a little tape if i wanted extra security.

As always i love taking pictures of wigs / hair systems and putting them on the blog, so take a look below at some pictures of the Spicy HD Wig when she arrived and what she looks like on.

Spicy straight out of the box

Side view of Spicy

Back view of Spicy

Right side view

The SmartLace hairline

The cap construction

Front pictures shows the welded lace front and monofilament top

The colour i chose .... 4/33

So here i am wearing Spicy straight out of the box ... all i did was place my parting.

and me again ....

... and again! ...

As you can see from the picture i have straightened half of the spicy using my straighteners. It was easy peasy!!

And the finished look!

A little look at the front hairline ... you can just see that on me the lace colour is just that tad to dark to be totally flawless.

See my son in the background?! He did such a good job of keeping me company whilst i played with the spicy wig and took my pics.

Like butter wouldn;t melt eh?! Not quite!

I had to take the pictures using my Blackberry phone as i loaned my camera out yesterday and it has not been returned yet :) The picture quality is not the best but i think you can get a good idea of what spicy is all about :)

Let me know what you think and ill keep you all informed on how it goes wearing the Spicy wig!

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair


For some reason i have some very strange pictures displaying on this blog! Apologies if some of the pictures are distorted .... god bless mobile phones LOL
Emma xxx
Anonymous said…
Hey Emma!

Loved your blog, inspired me to buy the Jon Renau Spicy wig. I lost my hair to chemotherapy, and as a 17 year old girl I was DESPERATE to find something I'd be able to change daily.

I was just wondering, have you washed your wig yet? Does it stay the style it was before you washed it? Like, if it was straight would it still be straight after you washed and dried it or would it go back to the original?

I'm too scared to straighten mine incase I lose the gorgeous curls! But I'm not a fan of the smell of the wig and I really want to wash it with my own fresh smelling shampoo, but once again I'm scared of losing the curls :(

thanks! xoxo Olivia
Hi Olivia,

Thanks for your comment :o) I am so glad that you found my blog helpful! As regards the curls .... if you have not already straightened your spicy, and the original curls remain then when you wash it the curls will bounce back for for so dont worry about losing them :o)

If you were to straighten the spidy and then wash it, it would remain straight and you would have to add more curls using heat. The best way to do this is to curl the hair a section at a time and then pin the curl and allow it to cool before un-pinning (if you dont do this then the curl will just fall out)

Enjoy your new Spicy! and i am sending you big higs and the best of luck with your chemo and for the furture

Emma xx

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