The Follea Tres Chic Wig

I have been lucky enough to receive one of the new Follea Tres Chic wigs and thought i would do a little blog on the Tres Chic to give everyone an idea of what it's all about.

The Tres Chic is a fully machine made wig yet still made with the same high quality and fabulous Follea Hair! So what does this mean? Basically it means that the Tres Chis is quite a lot lower in price than the Gripper and Aero wigs due to the cap being machine made.

I'll be honest, when i first heard about the Tres Chis with  it's fully machine made cap my mind drifted back to the old days and when i first started wearing wigs at 12 years old. If you have been wearing wigs / systems for a while you will instantly relate to this feeling! When i was 12, a fully machine made wig was, itchy, bulky and .... well to be blunt horrid! So i was very curious to see what the Tres Chic was going to be like. Would i be able to change the part around? Would the cap fel bulky and terribly itchy against my scalp? Would it look like a wig?!

I was pleasantly surprised when the Tres Chic arrived and due to me being a total cap construction design addict! The first thing i did was turn the Tres Chic inside out to have a look at the cap. First impressions were 'this looks pretty good!' I tried it on, without the comfort liner cap at first, ....... a close fit! The only roblem was that the hair was very flat, but them we have to bear in mind that the Tres Chic has travelled all the way from the United States, Packaged well so lat hair was to be expected really!

What i decided to do was shampoo the Tres Chic, and i wanted to do ths for a few reasons really and they are listed below ...

  • I wanted to see what the hair washed like, would i tell the difference between the Follea hair on the Tres Chic and a standard pre made indian remy wig?
  • I thought it would be a good chance to show everyone one of the ways on how to wash a wig.
  • I wanted to show how you can create a totally different look to a wig without using heat styling or even having to have it cut! (very useful when you have to drag yourself to the salon wearing a wig that is un cut and un styled!)

I took some pictures of the whole process below (i may have got carried away with the pics so apologies in advance!)

So this is the Tres Chic straight out of the bag. Although flat you can see the gorgeous shine of the hair.

Off  go with the shower! I ensure the water is running down the lengths of the hair.

Top view! All good so far :)

You only need a small amount of a gentle shampoo.

Here i am smoothing the shampoo down the lengths of the hair.

Here I'm rinsing off the shampoo, again letting the water run down the lengths of the hair. No Scrubbing!

I applied a small amount of conditioner to the med lengths and ends of the hair, here i am rinsing it off, always remember that downward motion.

The Tres Chic fully washed (and Mary my model he he)

I like to place a freshly shampooed / conditioned wig onto a clean, dry towel

And wrap it up like a sausage roll!

I may have gone over the top in tucking the ends of the towel in! Its not paramount ... but it looks pretty! Lol

Ok, so i left the tres chic in the towel for around 10 Min's and gently patted it just before i n wrapped it.

My blue wide tooth comb is one of my fave tools, brushing through the Tres Chic whilst still damp took mere seconds, not a tangle in sight!

Another one of my fave tools :) This comb makes selecting section of hair and adding parts into my hair / wigs a doddle.

The tres Chic after i gently and loosely parted the hair

My trusty Velcro rollers! These are amazing for adding volume and style to hair and wigs. They also save your wig from over styling with heat which results in happier hair :)

I sectioned off the fringe section ready to add my rollers and continued adding different sized rollers to the entire Tres Chic. I used larger rollers at the top to add a little volume and smaller ones towards the bottom.

Katie price eat your hear out!

A side view of the glamorous looking Tres Chic

How i dd the back ...... this took no time at all and i noticed that the Velcro rollers gripper far better to the Follea hair than too one of my fave Indian Remy wigs. I left the hair to dry naturally with the rollers in for around an hour. If you left them in over night the results would have been more volumized!

After removing the rollers and giving the Tres Chic a good finger style and a little shake this is what she looked like!

The side view shows the gorgeous layers and movement really well i think

A look at the back ..... Remember this has had no style cut into it and i think after a shampoo and some roller action it looks fab!

probs at all.

The Follea Comfort cap which has been designed especially to wear with the Tres Chic for total comfort.

So there we go! All in all i am very impressed with the Tres Chic. The hair is gorgeous, the cap is so tightly and finely woven and wefted that it is more or less enclosed and the sizing is good eve for those of us with smaller head sizes! Take a little look below at the cap construction ......

The front of the Tres Chic cap construction. You can add a little tape to the front tab if you like.

The side view of the Tres Chic cap construction. Again you can see a generous sized tab to which you could add some tape for extra security.

The back section and nape area. Tightly wefted and lined for an enclosed feel with a tab for added more tape if you want to. The nape also has adjustable straps.

The other side view!

Well my 'little' blog has turned into a Marathon blog!! Never mind, at least all the info is here for you to take a look at when you need to :)

Would love every ones thoughts and opinions?

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair


Corinne said…
Hi Emma, thanks for a very good, well captured, informative and stylish "review" on this wig.

I have a been wearing many Louis Ferre Diamond wigs and look for a new long silky quality HH wig (have own hair to shoulders but with bald spots) Do you know if Miranda wig from Helena Collection or Christina from Wig Pro is better or do you have any suggestions, here in Sweden we have only "old lady", shoulder length styles and one same brand in salon.

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