A small Video (homemade) on the Follea Aero Wig

As well as the pictures i took for my previous blog i also shot a short video. Now please excuse the very amateur production!

I recently posted on our facebook page that i was toying with the idea of doing a selection of short videos that i thought might be helpful to everyone. I have decided to get started on this and will be setting my web cam up tonight once the kids are a sleep and get to work on recording a few vids for youtube and to put here, on my blog too. If anyone has any ideas / requests on what you would like me to do a video on just get in touch with me / leave a comment and let me know. Ill do my very best to get as many of your requests done as possible :)

Aspire Hair


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the vid, it really helps. I'd say you would be an ideal model to show all of your wigs. I always like to see particular styles featured, or a brand's colour line. But you'd need a lot of stock for that, I realise, and good lighting. Any vid is welcome, really!

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