Pictures of a recent custom order System

Hey everyone :)

 A customer of mine came to me a few weeks back and was wanting some advice on the kind of system that may be suitable for her. Read below about her hair situation and what she was wanting from her new system ..... I will call her joyce

  • Joyce has alopecia areata, with the majority of her hair loss being at the front of her head with some remaining hair at the top and back of her head.
  • Joyce wanted something that would be secure enough for her to carry on about her everyday life, without having to worry about her hair either coming off, being blown off by the wind etc ...
  • Joyce didn't like the thought of attaching her new system along the entire perimeter ...... some of us do and some of us don't! Its all about what best suits you.
  • Joyce had ordered numerous systems from different suppliers before and had not fully understood what she was ordering ..... much to her husbands dismay as ... at the end of the day, he just wanted to see his wife happy and for her to get her confidence back.

After talking about her options with her for a few weeks (yes ... a few weeks, these things cant be rushed) We both agreed on a cap design that would suit Joyce and her lifestyle, as well as settle her fears that one day an almighty gust of wind would come and dislodge her system.

The cap design we decided on was the following .....

  • A full lace based system that is 100% hand-tied and enclosed ... no open wefts as Joyce had a bad experience with an open wefted wig some years ago and that bad experience had just reinforced her fears.
  • A full lace wig a twist ....... add an adjustable back / nape area that would feel secure behind the ears and at the nape without the need of having to use glue or tape in those areas.
  • An open lace front along the entire front hairline from ear to ear. This area would be attached using a tape or liquid adhesive method and would provide not only the security that Joyce was wanting ... but also the most natural looking hair line currently available, no more heavy fringes yipeee! :)
  • A silk top. An absolute must when the wearer has natural hair already in the top of the head area. The silk top will give a fantastic natural look where she parts her new hair.

I have posted some pictures below of Joyce's new system,

I almost forgot!
I have also been busy setting up a new website which i will be packing full of information about hair replacement systems  which will be live very soon. I am hoping the new site will be helpful with all the information in one place for you guys to view (instead of trailing all the way through my blog)

I have been busy typing up guides, how to sheets etc ... to put on the new site for people to print off, If anyone has any ideas on what could be useful please let me know! :)

Good night and sweet dreams :)

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair
PS - Check back soon to see plenty of pics and my little review on the new Follea Tres Chic wig !


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