The julia SmartLace Wig by Jon Renau - VIDEO :)

Hi everyone :)

I have started making videos as promised and i thought the first one i would put on the blog is a short video about the julia smartlace wig by jon renau. I know your all probably sick and tired of me going on about the smartlace range but i personally think that this collection of wigs are really great for wearers who prefer to remove their hair every night for bed, and who are on a budget. The smartlace wigs are available in both synthetic and human hair.

Now, i am not a massive synthetic wig fan, mainly due to the horrible experiences i had with them as a child when i first lost my hair but the synthetic smartlace wigs are my very very favourite (closely followed by the sentoo synthetic wigs)

The Video - I have put my little video on the julia smartlace wig below. Please excuse the video cutting off abruptly at the end ..... my cameras battery died on me! I will make and upload a part 2 on the Julia smartlace wig tomorrow showing you all the cap construction and explaining all the good and all the not so good points about the wig. I am also uploading all my videos on to YouTube too so if you would like to subscribe to my channel that would be great :) Hope you enjoy the video (its very amateur lol

Please leave your comments / feedback :)

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair


Anonymous said…
Hi - could you tell me what color the wig is in the video?

emma@aspirehair said…
Hi there! The colour of the Julia in this video is 24BT18 :o) Em xx

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