The Follea Aero Wig

Hey everyone,

I haven't blogged for quite a while so apologies for that. As every parent will know it is currently the school summer holidays right now and i find it more difficult to find the time to blog! That teamed with the fact that i have had some kind of gastric flu for the past 5 weeks has left me in quite a pickle!

Anyway back to the blog ....... Today i wanted to share with you some info and some pictures of the Follea Aero wig.I have written before about the Follea Gripper and wanted to let you all know about the Aero wig as well.

Below is a description of the Aero cap construction. The cap construction is brand new and has replaced the previous design. The changes made are, in my opinion, for the better :)

  • Lace front that can be attached using a small amount of double sided tape for a natural front hair line and added security.
  • Lace top
  • Enclosed, wefted back area that gives a longer lasting density than a 100% hand-tied wig
  • Adjustable nape for a more snug and secure fit.
  • Luxury tape tab areas at the ear tabs and nape.
  • Structure design at the temples / ear tabs for a secure fit.

As mentioned above, the Aero does have a hand tied front and top and a wefted back that is fully enclosed to give the wearer more security. Some ladies i have spoken with have mentioned that the ides of a wefted back wig puts them off a little but the way that the Follea Aero has been designed means that once you actually see the cap construction and try it on, this will no longer be a concern to you.

Ok so enough of the talking now lets take a look at the pics!

I did plan on going into a lot more detail about the Follea Aero wig, which i will do as soon as i have a little more time :)

As always let me know what you think and please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair


Anonymous said…
Thanks for the pictures, it helps so much to see a wig's cap construction. Some wig makers say closed wefts actually show less in wind than hand-tied hair? As long as the wefts are fine and the cap is closed, it will feel comfortable on a hairless head.

Did you see the full lace wig with European hair by Follea? It's on their site and has the most natural hairline I've ever seen. They say they use sturdy materials and a replaceable lace front, so it can last. Wonder about the $$ on that one.
AnickH said…
Im confused. does follea sell monofilament caps or lace caps? and which is better
emma@aspirehair said…
Hi AnickH,

Follea make a variety of wigs and pieces to suit wearers needs. They also offer a custom made service.

If you would like more info on the differences of cap construction please feel free to email me and i can send you over an info sheet :o)

Emma xxx

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