Another fab customer in her new hair :)

Hi everyone,

I always love it when someone emails or texts me a picture of themselves in their new hair and gives me their permission to use that picture on my blog and website. I think its a really true sign that they feel confident and comfortable in their new hair.

I had a text today from a lovely customer of mine and attached to that text was a pic of her wearing her new hair, the Emerald Human Hair wig by Trendco in the colour 8/32#. My lovely lady had styled her new hair and added some curls ....... something that, when we first met, she told me that she had really missed doing. So its great to see that she is now able to do this with her new Emerald! Take a look at the pic below and see for yourself. I think she looks great!

Not only do i love the curls but i also love what has been done with the fringe too. It looks light and natural and could be worn to the side as well if she fancied a change. Great picture and thank you so much J if your reading this for sending it to me :)

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair


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