System Pics :)

Hi everyone,

I wanted to do a quick blog tonight about a system that i think is really beautiful.

The lace based system i am talking about has been made with European Remy human hair and has a slightly different cap design to some of the lace systems you may have seen before.

I have posted some pics below of the system and of me wearing the system (its not attached though :)

Sorry for including my mug shot yet again! I just think that its easier to tell how natural a wig or system looks when you can see it on a real persons head as well as a plastic dummy!

The interesting thing about this system is that it is made with a very thin PU perimeter at the nape and behind the ears to make attachment really easy in those areas using either tape or glue. So for those of us that don't want to attach using glue all the way along the perimeter, or who have sensitive skin, this is a really good option :)

I would also like to point out that had this system actually fir me better i would have kept it for myself as i love it so much! It is, though, a little too small for me I'm afraid :(

Would love every ones comments!

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair


Anonymous said…
I love the cap design and the natural front of this wig!! Do you have any examples of this cap type with wavy or curly brown hair? I'm looking for a wig like this in lower density.
Anonymous said…
Hi there! Glad to have found your site. Would you mind posting the name and brand of this particular wig, please? It is awesome!!!
Hi there! Thanks for your comments. This system is actually custom made and designed by me (aspire Hair. I get lot of orders from ladies and men who are wanting help in designing their new hair system and am always happy to help! I am lucky enough to be able to work with one of the best manufacturers in the industry who supply many actors and models with new hair for films and photoshoots so as you can imagine the quality and standard has to be flawless!
Emma xx

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