More new eyebrow pics!

I just wanted to post a few more pics of my ew eyebrows. These pictures are much better and show them in more detail :-)

Please excuse my hideous, non make up look! I didn't have a single minera particle of make up on that day .... and me without make up = someone who looks ill!!

I jst cant stop looking at my eyebrows in the mirror, every time a pass a mirror in my house i have to inspect them Lol ...... they are starting to scab up a little now so they look quite solid at the moment.... i am soooooooo looking forward to when they heal and i can see my new brows fully.

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair


Lily Seymour said…
Did you have your eyebrows tatooed?
Hi Lily,

Yes i had them tatooed by Aimee Jaram Croft 2 days ago.... i am so impressed by her work, she had the task of covering my previously tatooed eyebrows so it was a corrective procedure really,

Emma xxx

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