I think it should come as standard!

Hi everyone :-)

I have had loads of emails lately and phone calls from ladies and men who have been blown away by the fact that i shampoo and condition systems before i post them out to their new owners. A lot of you think that this is a kind of luxury service when in fact i think it should almost come as standard!

The way i see it is that when a client of mine has payed anything from £250 - £2,000 for a new system then a good shampoo and condition should be part of the service i mean, i don't know about you but i think that even a £250 system is a lot of money to pay and i know that money does not grow on trees! Not that i am implying that you can't afford the shampoo and conditioner but still i think its a nice little touch to open your package and have your new system smelling lovely and freshly washed.... is that just me!

the other thing is i actually enjoy doing the shampoo and conditioning :-) call me crazy (and don't worry.. many do!) but i have a respect and passion for good hair replacement systems and wigs that i also think that the system/wig itself also deserves a bit of TLC (though if you saw the state of my Supplex right now you would be disgusted).

I just want to point out that i do always ask my clients for their permission before i shampoo and condition their systems / wigs as not everyone wants me to do this which is perfectly fine :-) Some people like to do the first wash themselves.... it is their new hair after all!

A very random little blog today but just had to get it out! (i was in danger of near explosion lol)

I will be blogging again tonight with lots of pics of some gorgeous custom orders i have received over the past few days. I have some lovely pics of cap constructions and finished systems to show you all.

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair


Anonymous said…
That's a great service! Many of us are "challenged" when it comes to styling hair, especially supplemental hair. It's really nice to receive it ready to wear and smelling nice. I also think it should be standard. First of all, to make sure the hair is still good quality after washing. One of my wig vendors explained to me that they can't tell good hair from bad hair if the hair has had a silicone treatment at the factory. If they wash the hair and it turns bad, the factory won't take it back. However, a vendor should not transfer that risk to their clients.

You're doing a fantastic job!!

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