A Bold Statement

I had the great pleasure of meeting and chatting with an amazing lady this morning.

Jane came to me for a consultation and was curious of the options available to her as a sufferer as alopecia areata. Janes loss was mainly all around the perimeters up to the top of her head with some thin hair left on top. She arrived wearing the fabulous Shannon wig from Rene Of Paris's Hi - Fashion collection which suited her fantastically in both style, length and colour.

After chatting for a while and getting to know a bit of background history about Jane and her condition the topic of conversation turned to weather or not she should shave off the little hair she had left and get out of what i call the in between stage. I just want to point out that although alopecia in general can have devestating effects on your self confidence and self image, i personally believe that alopecia areata is one of the toughest of all. The reason i believe this is because with areata sufferers tend to be left thinking 'you never know'. A person who has alopecia tend to go through a cycle of hair loss and hair re-growth that can be so distressing...... imagine the excitement of discovering that your hair is finally trying to grow back only to have it fall out again a few weeks, months or sometimes even years down the line. 'You never know' what is going to happen next! And although life in general can be a case of 'you never know' ..... I think when it is something as sensative as alopecia areata it can turn into a cycle that brings with it alot of pain, distress and un happiness.

Anyway, back to my conversation with Jane!

So.... Jane asked me my thought on shaving her hair off. Of course i let her know that this was ultimatly her desicion and that if you wanted to do it i would support her 100%. So off i toddled upstairs to get my clippers and trimming scissors and left Jane to have a look at a lovely Sentoo wig.

When i came back down we started chatting about other options as regards new hair and after probably about 20 minutes Jane mentioned shaving her head again and asked if we could proceed. I had perposefully left bringing up the shaving subject again, even though i had the clippers next to me just in case she had had second thought, so when she brought it up again i knew she meant business!.

So Jane sat whilst i first cut off the small ponytail she had left and shaved the remaining hair of her head with my clippers.

I just want to say how incredibbly brave i think this lady was. She came to see me and after talking with me for just a little while she trusted me enough to help her take this amazing step forward in terms of her alopecia, acceptance and control of the situation that she previously had no control over. Jane if your reading this you should be extreamly proud of yourself :-)

Jane decided to keep her ponytail tied up with a hair bobble and take it home with her, i think she should look at it every once in a while to remind her self at how far she has come and to remind herself of what a huge step forward she has taken.

As you all know i have alopecia universalis and i lost my hair when i was 12 years old. I remember me and my dad shaving off the last of my beautiful long blonde curly hair, and although i felt sad at the time, i also felt like i had taken back a lot of the control i had lost over my hair when i developed alopecia. I am not advising everyone to go and shave their hair off because this is something down to the individual....... but if your reading this and find yourself at that point then well done to you i say :-)

I really wanted to share todays events with you all, so there it is,

I will also be blogging tonight about the amazing Hair Loss Heroines (i am a fellow heroine!) and would love for you to support what myself, laura and aimee are doing together to raise awareness and give alopecia sufferers back their confidence.

Bye for now

Em xxx
Aspire Hair


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