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Hello everyone!

Apologies for not blogging in a while :-( As many of you know who have children, the school holidays can be a rather manic time! Well, the little ones are back to school and nursery tomorrow, bright and early and i promise to get right back on with my blogging.... do you forgive me?... I hope so!

It's around 11.55pm as i am writing this and the house is finally quite enough for me to sit down and write a little about what has been happening with me and Aspire Hair. I will keep it short (ish!) and go into further details about each of the events / changes over my next few Blogs.

Follea - Now this, i feel has to be the first on my list of what has been happening with me and Aspire Hair. A while back i did a review on the Follea Gripper Cool which i thought was a great product. There was no hiding the fact that i had near enough fell in love the quality and feel of the Gripper Cool! I have been lucky enough to meet with Follea and view many of their products, including the brand new product line of Grippers. Can you imagine a self confessed wig addict surrounding by so much beautiful hair? Lets just say i was one very happy lady that day :-). I am equally excited that i can offer the Follea range to my customers, and i have my first lady coming over for a consultation on Saturday, she is also very excited! OK, i promised to keep this short, so i promise if you check back tomorrow i will write about Follea in more detail.

Website - The Aspire Hair website has been one of my very sharp learning curves over the past 11 months, i have worked very hard on it but have now got to the point where i am wanting a different look and feel to the site, so in around 3-4 weeks you will see a new look emerge... don't worry though its still us!

I have gone dark - Yes i have finally taken the plunge and gone darker in my hair colour...... The thing is, i prefer being blond though! Then again, it has only been three days so i need to give myself chance to get used to it really. It has been fun explaining it to my neighbours though, my sons friends nan nan took a while to understand what i was telling her though, she just kept saying 'uw... i have never dyed my hair, you want to be careful colouring your hair it will damage it!' I found this quite amusing really but she understands now how the change happened... at least i think she does :-) I will post some pics tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.

House move - Yes we are moving house, which i am not looking forward to at all! Don't get me wrong, the new house is going to be lovely once its finished, and from the moment i walked into it (even though it is currently just a shell!) i felt comfortable but it is just the actual move that i am not looking forward to... It's hard work moving house! I am still in Sheffield just a different area, so nothing will change with consultations / visits etc.... as far as i am aware Aspire Hairs contact number will remain the same as well, but as always i will keep you all informed, i promise :-)

So there you have it... Just a little of what has been happening with me and Aspire Hair recently. I will blog again tomorrow with more information about The Follea Range, and hopefully post some pics for you all to take a look at. As always i love to hear what you think so please feel free to leave a comment!

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair


Anonymous said…
That's great news, you must be really proud! Are you the first Follea vendor in the UK?
Hi there! No i am not the first in the UK but i am very proud to be able to supply Follea Hair :-) Follea is something i am qute passionate about .... a very beautiful range of hair
Emma xxx

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