The move is almost complete!

Hi everyone,

As many of you will know i am currently in the middle of a house move... as stressful as this is proving, i have to say that i am really excited about being in the new house :-)

Poor Gary (who is a professional painter and decorator by trade) has been working constantly almost for the past 2 weeks ripping everything out of the new house and making it all pretty and ready for us all to move straight in to. He is very tired at this point as am i trying to juggle the business, kids, clients etc..... Luckily things have run retty smoothly as regards business, and i have still had the chance to meet and chat with some of you lovely ladies and men out there. I just want to say a very big thank you to everyone for your understanding during this time!

We move into the new house this Sunday, so by the Follwoing Tuesday it will be business as usual thank goodness :-)

Since i last blogged i have removed my hair extensions from my Supplex wig.... you know me, i am never settled with my hair and am constantly changing things about it! I have posted some pics below of my new slightly shorter look for you to have a little look at, as always let me know what you think!

PS - i have a full ace unit arriving shortly and would love some feedback from you all regards the colour on me..... it has been such a long time since i had natural hair i don't even know anymore what colour actually suits me!

Uw ..... before i forget! I have been speaking to some family members and up until i spoke with them i was under the impression i was the only one in our family with alopecia ...... it woud appear i was wrong! Ill blog later about that though :-) Have a great day everyone

Emm xxx


Anonymous said…
I think the darker hair, like you have here suits you the best but ultimately its what you feel the most comfortable in colourwise that will be the best look for you. hope that makes sense !
Lily Seymour said…
I think the wig looks nice on you! I found your page while browsing for "Triple Reversed hidden Knots" thinking I want to learn how to do them. Oh, i'm a wigmaker living in CA, although I only make wigs for myself, I make tons of lace closures and frontals for other people. You have a nice blog, I wish I could dedicate mine just to wigmaking but I have to share it with my other loves... makeup & cooking!
Thanks for your comments :-) I am seriously starting to think that darker hair uits me... maybe not quite as dark as the one i am wearing above but everyone says that the darer chestnutty colours suit me and i am starting to agree Lol. I quite like the colour 4# and have just had a system delivered in a color 4# so keep checking back for more pics,

Em xxx

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