Me and my Supplex

Good evening all you lovely folks out there!

OK, so i thought i would let you all know how i have been getting along with my new hair, the Supplex Wig by Trendco. I have been wearing it now for around 2 weeks or so and the wig i wore before this one was the amber wig by trendco. First... what am i loving about the Supplex...

  • It feels secure when i am out and about and on windy days
  • The edges of the Supplex are thin so there are no harsh hairlines
  • i can wear my hair in a medium low ponytail and still get a natural look
  • the Supplex is glue less! But i do like to use a small amount of tape at the ear tabs to keep them flat
  • The Supplex is human hair, so i can heat style and change my look when ever i want :-)

So, as you can see from above the Supplex has some great features... but nothing is ever perfect. What do i dislike about the Supplex...

  • It can get a little hot under there! On warm days and when i am exercising (and b exercising i mean, doing house work lol) my head gets quite hot and sweaty, so a quick take off and wipe over is needed! Not terribly bad, but a little annoying
  • Although the hair is human hair, it is pretty standard quality, so lots of conditioning treatments will be needed to keep it looking nice, not a bad thing if you are prepared to do it, but a pain in the bottom if your not!
  • The front hairline is not very natural unless you have a fringe / side fringe, not a massive problem again for me as i nearly always wear a fringe anyway.

So as you can see from my little lists of pros and cons above.... for me the Supplex has some great features and some not so great features, i have posted a few pics below f me in my Supplex, i added strand by strand hair extensions to t to add some volume and length (yes i know, adding hair extensions to a wig is not 'conventional') but then again, i am not exactly 'conventional' myself! :-)

So there you have it, m current relationship with my Supplex! i will take some better pics, i should i say, i will get someone else to take some better pics as i am not to good at the old photography, especially using a blackberry and my hallway mirror :o)

I would love to hear your comments so please, as always, feel free to speak up and let me know what you think.... i am the kinda girl who can take constructive criticism... so don't worry about offending me.

Emma xxx
PS - I think the colour may be a little dark for my ghost like complexion (i cant help it.... i just don't tan at all!)


Anonymous said…
It looks great on you, both colour and style! A pity it needs so much conditioning and styling. Which mid-priced brand do you like most for human hair: Gem, Revlon, or Jon Renau?
shell spectrum said…
hello dear, i love lace wigs but cannot afford them I have 6 children so gifts for me are a no no,i also have autism as do some of my kids.
I just wanted to say that i love reading your blog and you have some very pretty hair.Thankyou for your blog
shell spectrum said…
you look very beautiful in yur new unit
I do like the Gem collection of human hair wigs, but i think that the Supplex wig (even though it is supossed to be in the gem collection) is a slightly lower quality of hair than the other gem wigs (amber, diamond, emerald etc ...) Maybe its just me being fussy!! Lol
Emma xx
Hair Extensions said…
nice, alot of people are ashamed of wearing a wig, which they shouldnt be..
emma@aspirehair said…
Hi Hair Extensions,

We absolutly agree! There is no shame in wearing a wig weather its for a medical reason or simply for more of a fashion reason. Wigs are storming back into fashion right now aswell!!

For medical wearers it can be tough, the emotional aspects of losing your hair can wear even the most positive person down .... we want to help change this and have sufferers feeling as confident and beautiful as possible :o)

Thanks for your comment

Emma xxx

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