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I thought that it may be useful to write a little about the different materials that are commonly used to make up a wigs base. There are so many different options available that sometimes it can be easy to get confused!. So have a read below for a quick run down on what means what. Please also bear in mind that all the information below is in my own words and described how i would personally describe them.... in plain english :-)

Monofilament (mono) is a thin, gauze like material that is almost transparent yet takes on the look of a natural parting. Mono also allows the hair that is hand - tied into it to move freely, so you can change the parting position for example. Mono is a great choice for any wearer, but especially for wearers who still have some natural hair on their heads as it will give them a natural parting look. Mono also breaths well for more comfort.

Silk Top
Silk tops are just that. A section of silk is added to the wig base to create a flawless and natural parting look so is a great option for wearers with natural hair on their heads. Silk tops come in different shades to match your scalp tone perfectly.

Hand - Tied
This is a phrase that often confuses people! Hand - Tied basically means that each hair is attached and knotted into the base of the wig by hand. If a wig claims to be 100% hand - tied, then this basically means it is 100% hand made and not machine made.

Thin Skin / Pu / Poly
Thin skin is a stretch, often transparent skin like material that has a little stretch to its structure. A wig can be made entirely from thin skin or thin skin can be added at certain points. Many people like having a thin skin perimeter added to a custom made wig, such as a lace based wig, as it can be easier to attach tape to it and easier at the clean up stage.

Lace Base
Lace is a very popular choice when it comes to wig based.
  • Swiss lace is finer and more undetectable
  • French lace is slightly thicker than swiss lace yet still undetectable
  • Welded lace is when a portion of the lace is heated to the fibres draw together, this results in a lace type that will sit flat to the skin without the need of glue / tape. Welded lace is also not as soft as swiss or french lace, so is best used in small sections, the most popular being at the very front hair line.
Open Wefted
You may see this mention alot when you are browsing for your new hair. When a wig cap is pen wefted it basically means that instead of the cap design being enclosed / hand tied (each hair attached one by one) it means that hair is attached in long rows (wefts) and then machine made to create the cap. This method is less expensive to produce and there for results in a more affordable priced wig.

Silicone can be added to a wig base to provide extra security for the wearer. For silicone to be effective though the wearer must have total / near total scalp hair loss.

So there are the basics of wig cap designs, i could go on all night and talk about bleached knots, baby hairs, triple / reverse / hidden knots, single knots, double knots, density, colour mixes etc... but i will save that for another post! Reading through and understanding the basics above will better prepare you in making the correct wig choice for you, and its always easy to absorb information when its in small bite sized chunks ( or is that just me :-/)

Well, it's now 11.30pm and i need to be up in around 7 hours or so to get the kids sorted for school and nursery before sitting down to work at 9am! so i better try and get some sleep......

Let me know what you think of the info above - Did you find it helpful? - Do you get confused by all the different options available when it comes to your new hair? - Is there anything you can add to help other readers?  Let me know! :-)

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wigs said…
grate work i think there is not left any other type of wigs ,, thanks for share this post
Thanks for your comment! The different wigs available can be so confusing when your new to wigs!,
Emm xxx
Anonymous said…
I am so saving your page [especially this particular subject] to my favorites. U're absolutly right when U said "different wigs available can be so confusing when your new to wigs" I could not begin to decide what type of "lace" to purchase, felt overwhelmed, and almost changed my mind until i found your post. Thank so-o-o-o much Emma
Your welcome :-) Glad you have found this useful, I am a big believer in getting as much knowledge on subjests as possible, that way it makes the whole situation of buying new hair far less daunting :-)
Emm xxx

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