New Hair..... Not so sure now!?

Hi everyone,

How nice has the weather been over the last few days! Even I have had my super white legs out and been sitting on the garden with my kids trying to get that 'healthy glow' that everyone else seems to have! To be honest though.... i never tan... i am naturally pale (and i mean very pale!) and it seems that everyone else on our street is already bronzed.

So, moving away from my white leg issues :o) ..... You may remember me mentioning a few weeks ago that i had ordered myself some new hair in. My Amber wig that i recieved in December 2010 is still in good shape, but me being silly old me went and had it cut quite short and i could feel myself longing for longer hair. So when a customer needed a little time to think about some new hair i ordered in for her (see my earlier blog) the oppertunity came up for me to have new hair, and you know me... any chance of new hair is a chance i take very very quickly (i really can't help it.... it is just part of who i am!)

Now ... I dropped my new hair off at a friends salon over in Rotherham for her to 'spice up' a bit for me and she has been so busy lately that she has ended up with it for nearly 6 weeks which has given me time to think about what a drastic change my new hair is going to make to my appearence. I have added a little list below of the differences that are going to be more than obvious when i start wearing my new hair

  • I am currently waering a very light blonde hair (colour 102/22)........ My new hair is a rather dark choc brown (colour 3#)
  • My current hair is very short, and styled into an aysemetrical bob........ My new hair is around 18 inches long so obviuosly not an aysemetrical bob!

Another little worry i have is for my neighbours daughter who is 14 years old and is always wanting to talk to me about where i get my hair done, where i bought by clothes from, what i am up to and the like...... under normal circumstances i would not flinch and when she questioned my magically long hair i would just say my usual 'well actually i have alopecia ........' , I would take the oppertunity as a good way to educate her about alopecia and hair loss, But i can't do this with her because (and this is the gods honest truth, i swear) she has a phobia of...... partings! Its true!! She and her mum told me that she cant look at her parting in the mirror or when she has her hair cut etc.... and if she does she faints / vomits, which leaves me feeling quite worried that when i do eventually tell her about my alopecia she may pass out at the sheer shock of it! To be honest... i think freaking her out is one of my major concerns Lol.

Anyway, after getting all that off my chest i feel a bit better at least! But i am still left wondering if really dark hair is going to suit me, we shall see i guess...

I am picking my new hair up on Friday at 3pm so i will blog again on Friday night and post some pictures of my new hair for you all to see and i would love to hear your comments :-)

It's now 1.15am! Wow.... how did it get that late? So i better try to get some sleep otherwise i will be in no fit state to work tomorrow (good job i only need a few hours a night eh?)

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair


Hi Em that is a tricky one...

Initially i would say you need to have your hair how you like it. You cannot hide your Alopecia from your young neighbor forever. Eventually when she grows up she is going to have to face more of this so really you are only exposing her to what she will eventually see.

As for the length you are going to get a mighty shock from going so short to so long... i love long hair and have always had it but i am slowly getting my wigs shorter and shorter as i think it just generally looks nicer for longer between brushing.

For your colour... That really will be a big shock going so dark. I have always worn dark chocolate colour wigs but i always think they look better once the real hair has been lightened by the sun a bit. This time round i got dark brown with lot of different highlights through and i have had so many compliments from it at how healthy i look! I really think it is because of the lighter colour.

Anyways sorry to blab on but just though i would let you know what i thought :o)

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