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Hello there!

I wanted to do a quick blog that i am hoping will be helpful for wearers out there who are either new to wearing wigs / new hair or have tried wigs in the past and been really put off by them because they may have looked and felt not quite right.

If you are wearing new hair because you have a hair loss condition then sometimes the stress and upset of the whole situation can be overwhelming. Losing your hair and then having that sinking feeling when you try on a wig that you feel self conscious is no fun!... i remember this feeling from when i was younger... it's not nice. On the other end of the scale.... you may be a wig wearer / considering wearing a wig because you don't like your natural hair. I have many ladies and men come to me who hate their natural hair so much that some even shave it off and wear wigs. Ladies and men that feel this way always apologise to me saying 'your sat there with total hair loss and i have perfectly healthy hair that i hate! You must think i am mad!' But don't apologize.... i don't think your mad at all because, at the end of the day, if the worries you have about your hair are severe enough to be causing so much distress and effecting your confidence so much then you have to do what makes you happy, and i will support you to do what ever makes you happy, it's what i am here for :-)

So if your new to wigs / new hair then it can be so difficult to try on a wig and visualize how it 'could' look. Just getting a wig straight out of the box, plonking it on your head and looking in the mirror is not going to be the best way to see the full picture.

Lets take human hair wigs as an example - Human hair wigs often come all one length, unstyled and wavy / curly. The parting is usually not set into them and you try them on and all this mass of hair falls straight into your face. Does it look natural.... not at all!, but this is your chance to get a proper feel for your potential new hair, to have a play around with the style and also try to have a little fun with it too.

  • Decide on where you would like your parting to be. Centre, left, right... its up to you. Take a tail comb and separate the hair at where you would like your parting to be then using a clip, secure the hair into position. Now the hair should be out of your face, with a decent temporary parting in position for you to judge its appearance a little better.
  • If you have not actually purchased the wig already, then suppliers generally wont allow you to remove tags, or to straighten the hair or style it using heat. If you have purchased the wig already grab hold of your straighteners and start having a play around with the style. Its amazing how much better a human hair wig will look when its straightened, especially if your natural hair was / is straight in the first place.
  • Tuck the hair behind your ears, behind one ear, add clips, low ponytails, plait's, sweep a fringe across your face etc.... this is all helping you get a better idea of id this wig is going to suit your needs. 
If your a new wearer, it may be that you won't be full of confidence in your new hair right away... this is perfectly natural, this is new to you and everything that's new takes us time to adjust to.

I have posted a few pics below of some wigs as they are straight out of the box.

Notice the clip

Parting already placed for a better appearance

Centre parting placed for pictures, looks much better and gives you a better idea of the look that could be achieved

No parting placed and curly! Could you imagine this looking natural?

Centre parting placed again and a clip to secure the hair

Again i have used clips to place the parting and give a better visual appearance

Parting randomly placed and totally unstyled... looks a bit of a mess! But see the first few pics below after i have styled this wig to see what a natural look can be achieved with a bit of playing !

OK, so the pics above show different wigs straight out of the box and more or less unstyled, the last pics above is of a light blonde (22#) full lace unit. It had not been styled in that pic... If you take a look at the first few pics below you can see the exact same wig, worn by myself, after a little playing and styling, i also trimmed the ends of the hair just slightly...

This is the Diamond wig by Trendco

Diamond wig again...

the amber wig by trendco

Amber wig again!... and my little princess

The amber wig by Trendco before i had it cut shorter

So you can see from the pictures above that any look is achievable really you just have to have a play around, and if doubt ask friends, family and the person / business you purchased your new hair from for help. I am always more than happy to help out my customers. Even if its something as simply as straightening / curling or setting the parting in place.

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair


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