Hello Miss Suki Sentoo!

Hello my lovely fellow addicts!

I don't know weather to say good evening or good morning due to the fact that its 12.30am! So technically it is now morning, but seens as i am not a sleep yet it still feels like evening! Don't worry, my rambling is not a side effect from the lack of sleep i have been getting over the past few days, more like a side effect of the silly mood i have been in for most of today :-)

I have had a delivery today from my Mr CityLink, and he very kindly brought me a number of beautiful wigs for my customers. One of them is the Suki Sentoo Wig in a colour 2/4. Now, the Sentoo Collection of wigs is an exclusive European collection of wigs and because of this we are not able to display prices online, so if you would like a price on a certain piece just give us a call, text or email and we will be more than happy to assist...... But for now lets get back to Suki.

The Suki wig is made from synthetic fibre that has a natural appearence and silky soft texture. Suki is pre styled and ready to wear but you can also customize the Suki wig if you find this to be best for you. The Sentoo Suki wig really does show how far wigs have come in the past 10 years. Suki has a welded lace front from temple to temple meaning that the hair can be worn off the face and still have a natural look, a large monofiliment top area for unlimited styling options as regards the parting, a partially hand - tied back and sides and a close wefted nape section for added coolness. Suki is a very light weight wig and has a natural density. It is not bulky like some wigs can be and the density is consistant throughout the entire wig.

The hair movement on this wig is also very very nice, the hair moves naturally and is easy to style using your fingers. The cap size is a small to small / average so great for those of us out their with smaller sized heads or for those wanting a closer fit in general.

Now for the milllion dollar questions... How long do they last?!

I have never worn a Sentoo Wig myself , but the feedback i have had from customers is that you can expect your Sentoo wig to last between 1 - 3 months with all day / everyday wear. We all care for our wigs differently and some of my customers have had their synthetic wigs for the longest time!

I have taken a few pics (you know i love me some piccys!) and have popped them below for you to take a look at,

Would love to hear your comments... Do you wear a Sentoo Wig? How do you find it? Let me know :-)

Take a look on the website for the different styles available from the Sentoo Collection and if you have any questions at all just give me a shout!

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair


Anonymous said…
I love Suki, I tried her on at a salon! The fit is great and the hair is so sleek!! Completely realistic. The salon owner said the fibre is smaller in diameter than regular fibres. I can't make much of their colour numbers, which colour would compare to Revlon or Raquel Welch 10/12? I wasn't in the salon for very long, and unfortunately the prices were really steep there. Do you ship to continental Europe?
Hi there, Yes we ship world wide pretty much :-) Hmmm, Revlon 10/12.. i will have a look and get back to you on that one and your so right.. the suki is a gorgeous wig and very natural... i just wish such beautiful wigs like this were around when i first lost my hair all those years ago! It would have saved a lot of heartache. Thanks for your comment!
Emma xxx
Anonymous said…
Oh wait, I just browsed the styles to find the right colour, and I found a Sentoo 12/10 colour exists, but not for this wig. I think 710 would come closest in the colours that are available.
Yes, my first human hair pieces did not resemble my hair as much as Suki does! *sigh*

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