The Demi Wig By Natural Image

Hi everyone,

Sorry for not posting in a while,  have been buzzing around working and meeting lots of lovely people :-)

So, now its nearly 11.30pm and i finally have some spare time to write a little!

I had a lovely lady come to visit me yesterday called Patricia, and she was wanting new hair that was natural looking, lightweight and a similiar colour to a wig that she had purchased some 10 years ago. After a while looking through brochures and going over some colour options she decided that she wold try the Demi Wig by Natural Image.

Demi is a very lightweight wig that is almost 100% hand - tied (it has a few tiny wefts at the nape area hence my saying it is 'almost' 100% hand - tied!) The hair on Demi is synthetic fibre that is super soft and also very lightweight. ne of the really interesting things about the Demi wig is it has a natural scalloped lace front which can be secured with tape if you like, or left as it is... its completly up to you. The hair can also be parted anywhere for a really natural look, the movement of the hair is really nice as it is hand - tied into the base. Demi adjusts at the nape for a more snug fit should you need it.

Patricia decided on the colour R1416 which is a beautiful natural colour of dark blonde with a shade lighter blonde running through it.

When Patricia arrived back at mine today to see her new Demi wig and try it on she told me how nervous she felt and how she had been worrying that maybe she would not like the colour / style etc.... I told her not to worry! If its not right for her then we keep going until we find her perfect hair :-)

Patricia tried on the Demi wig and i left her for a few moments to get a feel for it while i ran upstairs to get a comb and some styling spray. When i came back into the room a transformation had happened! The patricia that was worried and un sure just a few minutes ago now had a big smile on her face and was fluffing her new hair up and changing about the part and look... and looking very glamerous too i might add!

'Oh i love it!' she said. She joked about how she couldn't stop looking in the mirror and how it looked so much nicer than her natural hair. It did look really fab i must admit, and such a fab look without any customization at all is always a good thing i think! Patricia did say she may have the fringe trimmed just a little but the Demi really is a ready to wear wig. So ready to wear in fact that Patricia actually went home in her new Demi Wig, putting her old hair in the Demi box.

I love meeting my customers and love it when they are happy with their new hair, and Patricia was kind enough to let me take a couple of pics to show you all her new look, Pics below....... I just want to point out that the flash on my camera never turns off! (well i'm sure it does but i just can't do it) so it has made the hair look a little shiny. n natura light and to the naked eye, the hair has a perfectly natural appearence :-)

I promise i am going to study my camera and get the flash sorted! As with the flash on all the time, it does not ive a true indication of how natural the appearence of a lot of synthetic fibre wigs actually are.

A big thank you to Patricia and i will be back tommorrow to take a look at the Misha wig by rene of paris with you all,

Take care
Emma xxx
Aspire Hair


Anonymous said…
Thanks for showing, Patricia and Emma! I was wondering what Demi looked like irl. Does Demi's cap have a snug fit?
Hi and thanks for your comment!
Yes Demi is a snug fit. It has an adjustable back so can be resized to suit its wearer, its also one of the lightest wigs i have ever held!
Emma xxx

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