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I recieved a Review via the website yesterday and, as with every review i recieve, i like to add them to the website for customers to see when there browsing as its a really good way of getting more info about that particular wig. So off i went to add this review to the website last night and for some reason it just does not seem to be appearing!

In true 'wig addict' fashion and being totally determined to get this review seen by others i have decided to add it to this blog instead. So read on below to read our latest review on the Supplex Human Hair wig by Trendco.

I have the 14\" in colour number 14 which is a golden blond. I have worn them 
for two years now as I have alopeica (almost) totalis. I chose to wear them as 
they have a lovely soft silicone base which does not irritate my eczema as much 
as the normal woven bases of synthetic wigs. I also like that I have bad hair 
dasy with it! yes, it\'s true, I don\'t want to look too groomed as some wigs do. 
I have it cut in a style with a fringe and layers at the hairdressers and then 
can style it with heat either straightened or curly as desired. 
It holds a style 
for a few days so I don\'t need to do it every day really. I can sleep in it but 
it does get a bit sweaty (!) but it holds in place well - I would not dance 
to Iron Maiden with it on (but I don\'t do that anyway!). It lasts about 5 months 
with continuous wear (not at night though) and then it starts to get a bit thin - 
but you could have it trimmed and carry on with it for a couple more months. 
I used to get these on prescription through the hospital but it has stopped that 
now due to funding cuts. 
The price can be off puting, but I think they are great wigs and no-one knows that 
it\'s \'false\' unless I tell them! Hope this is useful, 
J x
I would like to say a big thank you to Jo for taking the time to write this review
for us all to read, it is always so helpful when searching for new hair to read 
what other wearers think,
Speak soon all!
Emma xxx
Aspire Hair 


Hi Em that is a tricky one...

Initially i would say you need to have your hair how you like it. You cannot hide your Alopecia from your young neighbor forever. Eventually when she grows up she is going to have to face more of this so really you are only exposing her to what she will eventually see.

As for the length you are going to get a mighty shock from going so short to so long... i love long hair and have always had it but i am slowly getting my wigs shorter and shorter as i think it just generally looks nicer for longer between brushing.

For your colour... That really will be a big shock going so dark. I have always worn dark chocolate colour wigs but i always think they look better once the real hair has been lightened by the sun a bit. This time round i got dark brown with lot of different highlights through and i have had so many compliments from it at how healthy i look! I really think it is because of the lighter colour.

Anyways sorry to blab on but just though i would let you know what i thought :o)
Hi Aimee,

I think i am worried at the possible physical reaction my neighbour may have! I dont want to be the result of her fainting Lol. As for going blonde to dark, i tend to do this quite often... i think mainly because i can, it takes some getting used to but after a few days of getting used to seeing you'r reflection as 'dark haired' i start to feel more comfortable in my new hair.

Would love to hear your comments on the finished look when i post pics tomorrow so check back, i think my friend in Rotherham will have added some blonde colour to my new hair aswell to make that transition a little easier.

I guess what my worry boils down to is this neighbour... which is crazy as i dont generally worry at all what others think.... i will make sure she is sat down before i tell her! Funny thing is everyone else knows as i have told them! and they are all to scared to tell her too....

Emma xxx

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