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Hey everyone,

2 blog posts in one day eh? This is due to the fact that

  1. I have my camera back :-)
  2. The kids are at school and nursery :-) :-)
God love em....... Anyway. As you all know (or most of you at least) Advanced Wigs is not a salon or a shop (yet)  we operate online mainly but welcome customers to come and visit my home for consultations and a chat about the different types of wigs available and to discuss your needs in more detail. I love meeting my customers and stress that i am available to offer advice, support or just to chat if your having a bad day with alopecia / hair loss etc..

As Advanced Wigs has grown over the months i have been starting to stock wigs and pieces that i use solely for demonstration. It can be really difficult sometimes to chose a wig off the website without having seen it first (we do offer a 100% refund / exchange policy on most wigs though) but still, chosing a wig is an important choice for a wig wearer and it is nice and makes good sense to get it right first time. It feels less stressful to you the customer and makes the whole experience of purchasing a wig for medical hair loss less stressful (i know this is important :-)

So, slowly and bit by bit i am ordering in wigs and pieces that i will always have with me available to try on, take a look at and generally get a feel for... from synthetics to human hair wigs and pieces to custom made and stock full lace wigs in a variety of colours and textures. So if you are a little confused by the wigs on offer on the website just give me a call and we can work through everything together.

One of the wigs i am holding as a demo / try on wig is the Lola Monolfilament wig by Jon Renau. Of course me being me i could not resist a try on and have taken some pics and popped them below

The Lola wig has a Mono top so you can put your parting pretty much where ever you like, itsa long layered style with a long fringe that you could wear to the side or have trimmed to have a full fringe. I have parted it quite far over to the left as this is how i always seem to wear my hair! I dont know why, its just my preference i guess :-)

Emma xxx
Advanced Wigs


Anonymous said…
The parting is so natural!!!! Only the shine is a bit noticeable.
I was looking for blogs by people wearing wigs for medical conditions, glad I found you! Greets!
Thanks for your comment!
The flash on the camera definatly made the hair look too shiny Lol. In natural light the hair looks really natural and i agree the parting looks fab!
Emm xxx
Ilaria said…
oh it's me again ^^
I guess some baby powder and it's ready to go under camera flashes over and over ihi
I notice the warehouse pictures of Lola feature a very unrealistic hair parting, like a doll. I mean it's better in real then in the modeled pictures :-D? Or did you shed a bit the hair to make it look realist?
xoxo Ilaria
Hi Llaria,
I think sometimes the warehouse pics dont show the wigs in their best light so to speak..... The Lola wig i have on was brand new and straight out of the box, i didn't do any customization, i just put it on and played around with the hair abit using my fingers :-)
Emma xxx

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