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Hello from a very sniffly and snuffly wig addict here in drizzly old Sheffield,

As some of you may know, i had my eyebrows tatooed on nearly 3 years ago now as i have no natural eyebrows or eyelashes beacause i have alopecia universalis. After 3 years my eyebrows are still there, but are now starting to fade quite badly. Also the lady that did my eyebrows before was quite cheap and although they looked ok, they were not the kind that looked like individual hairs on the brow more like i had just penciled them in myself.

I was having a browse through the Alopecia Uk website and i literally stumbled across a lady that offers semi-permanent make up right here in sheffield. Not only is she based in Sheffield, but she is also based about 2 minutes away from me, nearly at the bottom of my road infact! So i straight away decided to email her and ask for her prices etc. She got back to me that evening and fingers crossed, in a few weeks i will be having my eyebrows corrected / re done by her. I am also considering having my eyeliner done aswell and maybe my lips but first things first..... i need to get my eyebrows sorted out!

The lady is called Donna and feel free to check out her website at
As always i will keep you updated and take plenty of pics of before and after my treatment.

Although i have had alopecia universalis for a long long time now, i must admit that i really do miss my eyelashes and hate the hassle of having to apply false eyelashes every morning. Donna also mentioned to me that she is experimenting with a new glue that can attach a strip of very natural looking and very light false eyelashes for extended periods, so if this is available when i go for my treatment i will be giving this a go for sure.

Take care everyone and have a great weekend!

Emma xxx
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