New Hair - Going Dark ;-0

Hey everyone,

It has been a while since i blogged, my lap top has been playing up and has been in the shop for repairs, so now its back i thought i would do a little blogging!

About 3 weeks ago, i had a client come to see me and she was interested in the Supplex wig in a dark brown colour. So i ordered her one in for her to try on and take a look at. My client decided she needed some time to think about weather or not she liked the Supplex to which i told her 'no probs and not to worry, i would be hear if she needed me' The only trouble was that my original intentio of sending the Supplex back to the supplier was very short lived..... and in true wig addict fashion.... i decided to keep it for myself !

Now, me being me i decided to make the most of the gorgeous dark choc brown colour of the petite size Supplex i know owned and send it off to a friend in rotherham to have some extensions put into it for lengh, volume and colour. I am still waiting to pick it up so cant post any pics just yet but i promise i will do as soon as i pick it up.

The funny thing is .... my customer emailed me a week or so later saying that she was going to ive the Supplex a try! I had to tell her that her original Supplex had already found a new home ..... with me! and that i would order her another one in :-) She is coming to pick her new Supplex tomorrow morning and i am sure she thinks i am crackers for getting yet more hair for myself.....

Emma xxx


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