My False Eyelash Success!

Hey everyone,

I wanted to blog a little today about my triumph this morning with my false eyelashes! I toddled off to my local Boots store the other night and bought myself some false eyelashes. I was after something natural looking and light weight as the cheaper and thicker false eyelashes can make my eyes itch a bit after i have been wearing them for an hour or so........ red and sore eyes are not a good look!

So the eyelashes i purchased were called naturalites by Eylure (#020)

These eyelashes do come with adhesive but i decided i would use my own eyelash adhesive and i use the Revlon Precison false eyelash glue which i find super easy to use.

I started out by lining my eyes as usual then applied my eye shadow and left the eyelashes untill the very end, by taking my time and following the great tips from my friend Aimee over at Alopecia Beauty Tips i was able to get a really good application that was easy and best of all my lashes actually feel comfortable and are the same on both eyes! Lol

I cant wait for my partner to get home and take a look, its amazing how they transform your eyes and your profile, they really do balance things out on your face and make my eyes look bigger i think, instead of my eyes dissapearing into my pale complection.

Be sure to head over to Alopecia Beauty Tips for some great tips, tricks and advice on make up aimed especially at woman and girls with alopecia :-)

I will let you know how i go on with my lashes at the end of the day, but so far so good!

Emma xxx
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