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Tonight, as promised i am going to write a little review on the Follea Gripper wig. I searched the Internet before the Follea Gripper wig arrived with me and i really struggled to get any info about them in the UK at all. Most of the info i found on the Follea Gripper wig was in the United States (which makes sense as it is an American product lol). I could not find any pics of people wearing the Follea Gripper wig, or of actual pics of the cap construction etc.... which, as i wearer myself, i know this kind of stuff is what we all want to see!

Anyway lets get on with this review :-)

Who is the Follea Gripper Wig For?

The Follea Gripper wig has been designed with the alopecia sufferer in mind. It is aimed mainly at wearers who suffer from total or near total scalp hair loss.

The Actual Follea Gripper Wig I Reviewed

I was lucky enough to kindly recieve one of the Follea Gripper wigs to try on and give some feedback on. Needless to say i was more than a little excited about getting my little mits on the Follea Gripper wig. The model i received was the Follea Gripper cool / Size XS (extra small / head circumference approx 20.5 inches) in the colour 10030 (light blond) 

When i took the Gripper Cool out of its bag i was really eager to check out the cap construction, if you know me or know of me, you will know that i am forever trying to create and design different wig types, i have sample designs made all the time and my main goal is to design a totally glue less wig, that is cool light natural yet secure. It seems Follea have beaten me to this lol.

As eager as i was to check out the cap construction as i was getting the gripper cool out of the bag my attention was immediately drawn elsewhere, and i found myself feeling the hair quality instead. The hair used to make the Follea wigs is European Remy (exclusively i believe) and i have to say that it feels so soft and moves in a very natural way. Indian Remy is nice, European Remy is nicer! and more expensive, but i will get to that in a bit.

So eager to try it on and get a proper feel for it i headed off up stairs and tried it on. First impressions? It was too small! Damn me and my strangely shaped head! You see i am an in between size, in between 20.5 inches and 21 inches so for me i think a size S (SMALL) would have fit perfect. The fit was perfect around the circumference of my head, but the front hairline was too small and the ear to ear over the top of my head was too small. This was not a problem with the gripper cool, it was simply a sizing issue, i really do think a size S (SMALL) would have fit perfect. Never mind, i;m a professional wig wearer, i can still get a pretty good feel for this lol.

Although the gripper cool was not tight on my circumference i could feel it was very secure it seems like the longer its on your head, the more secure it becomes as the silicon areas warm up and grip to your scalp. Has anyone seen the Peggy Knight vid of the lady swishing her head around in the gripper wig? You know me i couldn't resist. Back and forth, left and right, head flicking etc and still this wig is on my head, not only is it still on my head.... but it has not even slid into a different position! ha ha result!

I was so impressed with the security that off i went down stairs and called in my hubby and my 18 year old step son ("18 year old stepson?" i hear you say) yes i am only 10 years older than him , whats even better is my eldest stepson is 25, and I'm only 28! (my partner is 42 BTW) Anyway, i start swishing my head about and really going for it and when i stop to get their reaction i realise that both their faces are wincing and they are almost holding their breath! I think they expected the wig to fly off, it didn't of course, in fact just like before i didn't budge.

So, i can safely say that this wig is secure, very secure!

What i also fell in love with about this wig is how the hair bounces when you move about and walk around. The movement is so natural and even after my head swishing etc...... i could still run my fingers through the hair and their was no tangles or lugs. Beautiful.

The cap construction of the Follea Gripper Cool Wig is comfortable to wear and provides the wearer with a natural look. The cap has a hand-tied lace top open wefted back (with a stretch lightweight material over it so it feels enclosed) and silicon at the nape, ear tabs and across the front of the head. It also has a welded lace front from temple to temple for a natural hair line look (you will see all this on the pics below :-)

Pricing - The follea

Final thoughts - I would certainly have one of these wigs without a second thought after trying it on and getting to know it over the last few days. The cost is an issue for many people (me included) but it is something i will be saving for as to be totally honest i would really like one for myself in a different size though lol. I think if you have alopecia then your wig / new hair is an investment and at the end of the day if you feel beautiful, secure and confident in your new hair then that's whats important. Confidence changes everything. I was thinking that maybe the Follea Gripper cool could be made less expensive by using Indian Remy hair instead of European Remy hair, but then that just takes away a big part of the beauty about this wig. Its one of the best, if not the best i have seen in a long time as regards the more expensive wigs available today.

PS - another great thing is that it comes in kids sizes too! if my daughter was to ever suffer from alopecia, like i do and wanted hair she could wear, i would have this wig for her. Its secure enough to let kids just get on with being kids and its natural looking too.

Enjoy the pics below of how the Follea Gripper Cool looks on, and also some pics of the cap construction, i know lots of you are dying to see the cap construction! just bare in mind that the lace front would need trimming back, which of course i have not done as i don't own this wig! also please excuse the tired face it was late at night when the pics were taken, and although my eyes look like i have had one too many archers and lemonades, i can assure you that it was actually the camera flash that was blinding me that made me look gormy and drunk :-)

As always i love your feedback so leave me a comment or email me!
Emma xxx
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Lynn Kinsey said…
What do you do with the lace on the front of the forehead?
Hi Lynn, thanks for your comment!
You would trim the lace front back right up to the hair line and that would give you a very natural front hair line that looks like it is growing right out of your scalp.
Emma xxx
Anonymous said…
I love Follea wigs, I have one! The hair is incredible. So is the silk top on the cap. Only the cap doesn't fit perfectly, but the vendor said Follea's stock caps are the only thing they could improve on.

Isn't it incredible to have light coloured hair like yours in good quality? I have dark blonde and it looked as good in all three hair grades they have.

The only thing is the price. I need a loan to afford this piece, so it better last for years!
Anonymous said…
I love the look of this wig - dare I ask how much it actually costs? Could I buy one through your site?

Hi there,

If you would like to email me then i would be happy to go through things with you in more detail :-)

I Supply Follea Wigs and would recommend a consultation either over the telephone, skype or, ideally face to face, so you can feel and try a Follea piece for yourself.

Emm xxx
Anonymous said…
I am very interested in obtaining a follea system for myself. I have looked everywhere for a system that is totally real looking and this is it. I would like to know the price. Please contact me at:
Anonymous said…
I have had chemotherapy and sadly lost my lovely long hair but I found the Follea hair system through a company in London and I have to say it changed my life in terms of being confident and happy with my hair again. Yes the price is high but the hair is just so like my own that I was prepared to give up anything to feel normal again which is what it did. I have actually purchased a second one now so that I can wash and wear them. The colour of the older one has faded a little in the sun but I am in the process of seeing if I can get it dyed to enhance the colour once more. The gripper is excellent and makes you feel safe. I think I have the gripper sport. I believe there are different types of gripper. do you know the difference.
Hi there and thanks for your comment! I am glad that your experience with Follea has been such a positive one. The difference between the gripper cool 2 and the gripper spoorts 2 is that the sports has extra layers of silicone along the enclosed wefted back. The hair quality is exactly the same as with the Gripper Cool 2, which, as you will know from your experience with follea, is excellent quality :)
Emma xx
Anonymous said…
Hi Emma, I've just discovered your blog and think it's great and so helpful!

I'm interested to know what the hairline looks like in front of the ears if you pull the hair back into a pony tail. Do you have a picture of this or do you think you could tie the hair back like this? The wig I wear at the moment has a natural front hairline but quite a long 'flap' in front of the ears which never sticks down as well as I want it to, so I'd love a wig that solved this problem. And does the hairline at the nape look natural enough/grip tightly enough to wear a pony tail?

Also I would love to be able to swim again. Do you think you could safely swim in the gripper cool, or the gripper sport, or neither? Could you get away with throwing yourself in head first? : ) Would really appreciate your opinion. Thanks so much!

Anonymous said…
While you can swim in your Follea wig, we do not recommend it.

Human hair becomes saturated with water during swimming and may get very heavy which can affect the secure fit of your wig and stretch your wig.

Additionally, hard water, chlorine and salt water can effect the lifespan of both the color of your hair and the longevity of your wig.
Anonymous said…
I would highly recommend anyone wanting a gripper to seriously think about the investment. They are very expensive and every 9 months to a year you have to get repairs on it, which can cost as much as a 1/3 of the price.
I have a gripper 2 piece and when I sweat, I have to take it off and wipe off my sweat and the wig band, as it does not stay on my head. I have to do this at least once a day due to head oil as well.
I have worn wigs for over 14yrs due to Alopecia. After owning one of these for 28 months and spending over $6300 on the wig and 1 repair (yes you read that right), I would not buy one again. I would rather invest in a vacuum fit wig that truly stays in place and I could swim and know the wig will not fall or slip due to sweat. Or buy a new lower quality wig on a yearly basis, which would be way cheaper than this wig.
Sorry for the negative review, but from experience of wearing this type of wig for over 2yrs, it's not worth my money.
Anonymous said…
Hi Anonymous I've been wearing wigs for over ten years. I'm desperate to find a good vacuum wig. I was interested in the gripper but saddened to know they don't do longer lengths. Then I read your frustrations and I know I would have the same problems. Would you mind emailing me, I wouldon't love to pick your brain! Beautifulbeve@msn.Com Thanks!!!
imany noval said…
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