Everything the same but the name :-)

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to write a super speedy Blog to let you all know that we are in the middle of a name change. Not the blog (this will remain the same) but the website and business name will be changing from Advanced Wigs to Aspire Hair. I felt that the new name, Aspire Hair, was more suitable, if your a sufferer of alopecia yourself you can understand that the word WIG can be a scary one at first, especially when your newly diagnoised.

So Aspire Hair we shall be! Our Twitter and Facebook names have already changed to Aspire Hair as will the website name very shortly.

Along with a brand new name will be a brand new look and feel. A company called Graphic Results are currently in the process of designing us a brand new logo along with matching business cards and letterheads. If you have not already checked out this amazing company then head over and take a look at some of their work, they are amazing :-) (and no i am not being paid to say this Lol)

Anyway, so i thought i would just let everyone know that we are still the same business and things will continue as normal, we just have a different name!

Emma xxx
Aspire Hair


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