Womans health Blog Competition!

Hi everyone,

Gary has just notified me that Womans Health (magazine and online) are running a 'Blogs we love' competition! How exciting. If your a regular reader of my blog and you would like to submit an entry for this blog (and i would be most grateful) then you can do so by clicking Here.

The day before last i posted some pics of me wearing my full lace wig and promised to do a blog about how to attach a full lace wig and include some tips and tricks on getting the best out of your full lace wig, i have not forgotton so dont worry, i am just running a little behind on my promises right now (there are not enough hours in the day, it is already 9.30pm!)

Well i promise promise double promise i will be back shortly with a full 'how to' blog about attaching full lace wigs.

Check back in around an hour or so!

Remember, if you like / love my blog then vote vote vote! I have never won anything before and it would be great to feature in the magazine and raise more awareness on alopecia and hair loss in the uk. Thanks!

Emma xx
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