My Full Lace Wig

Hi everyone,

I was looking through all my Blog posts earlier and i realised that i never wrote about my full lace wig on this Blog! Which is criminal as full lace wigs can be amazing for extended wear and / or special occasions.

In the summer i like to wear full lace wigs because it means i can wear my hair in a high ponytail which is something you can only really do in a full lace wig if you want it to look natural.

Take a look at some pics of me in my full lace wig below to get an idea of how natural they are

Now as many of you already know, i have alopecia universalis, total scalp and body hair loss, i have no eyebrows, no eyelashes... no hair at all anywhere on my body (except for under my left arm pit... Yuk)

I love how natural full lace wigs look, but they can be high maintanance and once they are attached using special glue and/or tape they are well and truely attached! If you wanted to remove it everynight for bed, it would soon start to feel like a chore (well it does to me anyway!) maybe thats just me being lazy lol

You can sleep in a full lace wig and wear it for up to 4 weeks at a time which many love and many hate! Its a personal choice i guess, during the summer i wear my full lace wig for 5-7 days at a time and then remove wash, clean and then re attach. 7 days is the longest i can have one on for without starting to feel too sweaty!

I will write again tonight in more detail about full lace wigs and how to attach, remove and care for them over the next few days so keep checking back and let me know what you think. Do you wear lace wigs? how do you find them? Let me know!!

Emma xxx
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Anonymous said…
Hey! I am the girl who posted about the Zara wig under anonymous... This wig looks soooooooooooooooo good on you. I love the color on you. Makes you look very young.
lora said…
hi Emma i suffer from alopecia totalis and i wonder where fom can i get such a wig? does the black coloyr is available? waiting for your answer i have been suffering for over 11 years ...God bless u :)
Hi Lora,
If you would like to go to our website you can click on the contact us page and email me for more details, would love to chat with you more and hopefully help you find what you have been searching for,
Emma xxx
Lora said…
hello it's me again,Lora
i just want to ask u some question about the way to deal with the site i'm not abit familer with it
i can't find ur hair lace product in the site bz it looks so natural how can i find that one

the other question is there a black colour really black

and are all products are so natural as this one bz when u turn ur hair up or put a pin ur hair line appear as if it's a true really hair

sorry for bothering u hope to hear from u soon
thnx alot.
Anonymous said…
Hi Hunny,

Welldone for doing this page. Very helpful, honest and inspirational. I run a alopecia support grp in the North East of England.

You look stunning, I am going to start attaching full lace wigs myself.

Sarah x
Emma said…
Hi Sarah, thanks for your comment and well done you on setting up a support group! This is something i have always wanted to do as well, but time wont allow right now. xx

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