Jennifer human hair SmartLace wig by Jon Renau

Hello all!

Can you believe it has been snowing here in Sheffield this morning! Luckily it has not settled and its now raining instead of snowing.

I had a few deliveries this morning and one of them was the new Jennifer human hair Smart Lace wig by Jon Renau (that's a mouth full!) As promised i have taken some pics and am going to just go through the design and style of the wig with everyone, as a lot of you have emailed and phoned me saying you like to read about the different wigs available and also you like to see 'real' pics instead of the studio pics that are given to us by the suppliers / manufacturers.

Jennifer is made from 100% genuine remy human hair. She is pre styled which is great as you can litterally just put her on and away you go. Of course, you can always have the style customized to suit you if you want add a fringe / bang, have some extra layers cut in etc.... The hair feels nice and silky and soft and is a straight / slight natural wave style. The density (hair thickness) is also very nice. It is not too thick as does not feel bulky and heavy, in fact when i held Jennifer i noticed straight away how light she is!

Cap construction

One of the best things about the Jennifer wig is that she is totally hand - tied. This means that the cap construction is completly enclosed, with no open wefts. The cap feels soft and light and the ear tabs and nape area feel extra soft and velvety. i can imagine that it is very comfortable to wear. The front temple to temple area is made from the famous smartlace piece, this area is made of welded transparent lace that needs no glue / tape to attach, great for daily wear and nightly take off etc....
The top section of the cap has a large monofilament section that gives the look of a natural hair parting weather you have natural hair or not, the monofilament feels soft to the touch and provides good ventilation (breathability so you dont get too hot) The ear tabs also have small metal strips in them so you can bend the ear tabs in closer to your head for a more secure fit. The back of the cap has adjustable straps so you can tighten or loosen the wig depending on your head size.  Another great thing about this wig is it has a stretch panel just behind the monofilament section, which is going to provide more comfort to the wearer and make the cap size even more adjustable.

Take a look at the pics below, apologies, i am no photographer! I will also add a few pics to the website on the Jennifer smartlace (himan hair) product page.

I hope this was useful to you and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me or leave a comment below,

Emma xxx
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