How to attach a full lace wig

Attaching a full lace wig can seem like a massive task if you are new to full lace and lace front wigs. Its like many other things though, it takes practice and practice makes perfect. So lets run through the things you will need in front of you before you get started on attaching your full lace / lace front wig

  • Tape or glue (or both)
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Scalp protector
  • Your new hair
  • Hair clips / pins
  • Rat tail comb / sectioning comb (those combs that have the long thin handle!)
  • Wig cap (if you have natural hair)
OK here goes, the first thing you need to do is if you have natural hair already, pop on a wig cap so that your natural hair is as flat to your head as possible, this will give a better finished look when your wig is attached. If you have alopecia and don't have any natural hair then a wig cap is not something you will need,

Put the wig on your head and brush the hair away from the face (you may need to hold the wig as they can slip) and tie it into a loose ponytail, use your clips to clip back all the baby hairs so that when you come to attach, they wont get stuck in the glue.

Once you have pinned the baby hairs back, put your wig to one side and begin to prepare your hair line. Using rubbing alcohol and some cotton wool, gently clean your hair line where you plan to place your glue or tape. Allow the alcohol to fully dry (this only takes a min) and then apply a thin layer of scalp protector to your hairline. Scalp protector not only protects your skin from irritation from the tape / glue but it also helps give you a stronger bond.

Allow the scalp protector to dry (i would leave it around 2-3 mins) and then you can move on to applying your tape or glue.

For Tape
Establish where your front hairline is to be (if you have no hair due to alopecia then a good guide is 3 fingers up from where your eyebrows are or should be).

Take the backing off your tape and apply it all along the perimeter of your hair line, at the front behind the ears and at the nape. Once you are happy with its position, slowly peel off the top layer of backing to reveal the sticky tape.

Now take your wig and position it on your head so that the ear tabs are in the right place and it feels comfortable. Start attaching by lining up the edge of the lace with the edge of the tape and then press firmly, continue to do this all along the front hair line. Use the rat tail comb to press the lace even more onto the tape. Continue to do this all along the perimeter of your hair line until you are fully attached.

Top Tip! - If you are worried that you may attach in the wrong place, just press lightly at first, this way if you decide you have placed your front hairline too low you can gently peel the lace away from your tape and re position.

For Glue
Clean your hairline with alcohol and apply scalp protector just as you would if you used tape (if your using ORWG oil resistant white glue dont use the scalp protector)

Apply your glue in a thin and even coat, gently going over the area to smooth the glue out. Wait the amount of time stated on the bottle for the glue to fully dry. as a general rule of thumb, if the glue is not too smelly wait for it to dry clear, if it is smelly wait for it to dry to a satin like appearance as opposed the wet look it first goes onto your skin like.

When your glue has dried repeat the same steps as you would if using tape to attach, remember apply light pressure at first if you are unsure and once you are happy with the position press firmly with your comb.

At this point i would remove my clips and put my make up on while i wait for my hair to settle a little then i gently style and away i go! (i have 2 kids so attaching a full lace / lace front wig has to be quick in the morning!)

I hope this helps out a little, i really want to do a video on how to attach, but i never get the house to myself to record one! There is always someone walking past the pc lol!

I will write again tomorrow on how to remove and clean off any glue / tape residue tomorrow, its 11.30pm now and i better try to get some sleep!

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PLEASE NOTE! this is just how i attach a full lace lace front wig, i am not saying it is the best way to do it i just find it easy this way so thought i would share, comments please!
Emma xxx

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