A busy week so far

Hi everyone,

First let me say sorry for not posting in a while, it has been a bit of a mad house arpound here lately.

My daughter Minky (her nick name, dont worry i am not that cruel!) has the chicken pox and has been suffering bless her. She is nearly 3 and is being so brave.

My little nephew Lewis has finally arived weighing in at a rsther impressive 8lb 2oz (well done leeanne and john, mainly leeanna ofcourse.

My hubby gary has come out of full time work to help care for our children, mainly my keety poos (my sons nick name lol) as he has adhd and autism.

On top of Minky having the chicken pox, Lewis being born, and Gary leaving work i have also been busy uploading the new Jon Renau human hair SmartLace collection. I am really excited about this collection because i loved the original SmartLace synthetic collection and it was such a natural progression that they launched the SmartLace cap construction in human hair. I have seen the videos of each new SmartLace human hair wig and they look amazing. All the naturalness and confort of the original synthetic collection but with the added bonus of some of the caps being 100% hand-tied and of course being made with high quality remy human hair.

As you can imagine, i am desperatly wanting to get my hands on one of the human hair SmartLace wigs but am still working on how to justify it! any ideas / excuses from you all would be very welcome lol. My current reasons (excuses) for having to have a human hair SmartLace wigs are these: //

  • Its all in the name of research. 
  • I have to take some pics of the cap construction for the website
  • I have to test the quality of the hair
  • Lots of you have requested i try one out and do a review (this is a lie though as a few but not lots of you have requested this!)
The person i have to justify this to is my hubby Gary, who, as wonderfully supportive as he is, is starting to get a little concerned at the amount of hair i am ordering in for myself lately, my excuse to him is usually always the same " i rarely go out pubbing / clubbing it, i dont drink, i never hardly get my nails done anymore, i dont go clothes shopping very often and i am not a high maintanance kind of girly!" This ofcourse is now wearing a little thin and needs replacing with a new justification lol.

I will be posting again tonight with some pics of the new human hair SmartLace wigs so check back and let me know what you think,

Emma xxx
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